Zone Competitor #221.

My power level is dropping. Last year I was higher than 221, what is this! LOL. Mac Fields have full 4-digit numbers, it looks a lot cooler, I reckon. :) Anyway, so today was Zone Athletics, but I don't think it was as fun as what it used to be. There were only 3 daygos from my grade there today: me, Vincent and Lawrence. So I hung around with them, and Amannda and Katrina, for the whole day. It wasn't too bad, but I'm kinda tired to blog.

Um, so Lawrence was going to do 1.5k walk which is actually really tiring I think, I've never done it before, but I said I was going to do it if there weren't that many people doing it. After a bit, I went to the marshaling area just to see who was there, and no one else was there (yet?) so I decided to compete. Yeah. Me and Lawrence. The only competitors. LOL. So the guy organising was like, Wut, there are only 2 competitors? and then they talked amongst themselves for a bit and were like, Good job, guys, you both came 1st. LOL. So yeah I kinda made it into regional at the beginning of the day for something I did not participate in. Heo yeah. LOL.

It was so fucking cold today, I am totally not joking. I don't remember much of today, to be honest, but me, Vincent and Lawrence were lying on the high jump mats and that was nice cuz it's really peaceful there, cuz you just sink in and it's just quieter and warmer, depending on where you're lying down and it was just really nice, I think. :) We did not sunbake today. Just sayin'.

Our relay team (me, Amannda, Farzana and Katrina) came 2nd out of 3. How mad, so heo yeah, regionals. :D I'm gonna go tomorrow cuz I wanna do hurdles and not go to school. Also, I didn't stay back after school cuz Christie wasn't feeling so well, so I hung around with Danica when I got back to school.

I'm a bit doubting my art thing, now. I was thinking about my story, like what's happening behind the scenes of this photo kinda thing, and I'm kinda .. worried. I was worried that my idea was maybe too similar to Danica Prasad's, but since she's taken her photos already, they're actually really different, lol. Anyway, so my crime is that someone was drowned and the murder has set up the drowned body at a tea party. I have no idea why they would do that, but just sayin', there's not much that I can say. Like, okay, some guy has a weird fetish for drowned bitches at tea parties or something. LOL. Like I'm just saying, there's not much I can do. All I can honestly think of, and this was before reading DP's blog .. Okay nah I have a variation of it, okay, so there's this lesbiano chick (OKAY WHOA I JUST THOUGHT UP OF THIS ON THE SPOT, I was originally gonna say 'some guy' but making the person another chick .. Oh that's sexy. LOL jokes, but that's something different and could potentially make more sense) and she is like obsessed with this other woman, but the other woman is married. And obsessed, I mean like stalking and everything, full obsessed, full takes all these photos of her and makes a collage of photos of Married Woman on the wall of her bedroom and shit like that, LOL (Kk yeah, I'm thinking One Tree Hill when Peyton has a stalker, LOL) and then anyway, so in the end Crazy Lesbian kills Married Woman so like, No one can have her kinda thing. A bit weird to do that, but yeah. Then she sets the body of Married Woman up at a tea party cuz like, she always wanted to do this, yeah? LOL. Ohkay, good one Genevieve. HAHAHA.

Okay I didn't really explain anything, but the crime is murder/drowning. The model will be wearing a vintage-looking blouse (cuz it's pretty like that, lol) and the body is set up at a tea party. That's what I bought at Vinnies on the weekend, by the way -- teacups, saucers, a teapot and a milk jug. The photo is set on Clarke House lawn and I'm using one of the benches at school to set my things up on. Um. I don't wanna give too much away. I really hope we're allowed to Photoshop the photo before we convert it to black and white, though, because what if I need to tweak around with the contrasts and lighting and stuff? Like I guess that kinda 'ruins it', like we're not showing our pro photography skillz and we're just using PS to make it look good .. BUT CHRISTIE NEEDS TO BE MORE PALE AND I DON'T HAVE FOUNDATION THAT'S NOT THE RIGHT SKIN TONE LOL. And I mean really really pale, like the palms of my hands kinda pale. :O LOL. But I'm excited, I have a story nao. Yay!

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