After reading Wendy's blog I feel so not-good-at-English. LOL. That happens every time I read one of her posts that are like .. Not just recounting her day. Wendy, you should take extention 2 English, but that's just what I think and it could just stress you out cuz I know you stress a lot, lol, but that's just what I think. :)

Rather than starting history assignment today, I read 30 pages of Tasha Nghiem's blog (http://lolwowmom.tumblr.com/). I fricken love her, omg. She is like, perfect. :o She's pretty, really smart, can sing, play piano and her motivation to achieve her goals is like, Wow I wish I was as determined as her. And she's into K-Pop, yay.

Okay yeah maybe I should try and start history assignment now.

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