080. Mm, I like the smell of new clothes. I need a haircut. I want a job. I need to buy an A5 visual arts diary. I should buy everyone breakfast. Breakfast = Hotcakes from McDonalds. I wanna make pancakes. I need to make something. I don't want to start history assignment. I don't want to look at history assignment. I don't want to choose subjects for year 11. I don't want to leave school and go to uni. I want to eat something. I want to buy presents for people. I owe Angela $12. I need to stop buying chocolate. I want to lie down right now. I want to make a scrapbook. I wish I could speak another language. I can't watch One Tree Hill. I need to get Gossip Girl off someone. I wish I was really really smart. I need to get through year 12. I have bad skin. I have to wash the clothes tomorrow. I wanted to get a haircut this weekend. I don't think I'm going to get a haircut. I wish I was more studious. I wish I wasn't capped right now. I wish I went to Zone Cross Country. I wish I didn't get a fever so much. I wish I had nice hair. I wish I had pretty writing. I wish I thought of that earlier. I want to buy a pretty blouse. I regret not buying stuff from Urban Outfitters when Genvin was. I regret not going on msn on my birthday. I didn't get a cake on my birthday. I mention that a lot. I wish I didn't drift from my Cabra friends. I wanted to get into Zone for 100m. I wish I had a nicer body. I hope I'll eat healthier one day. I want to get a bookshelf. I want to get books for my future bookshelf. I wish my bed was warmer. I wish I was in bed right now. I wish I didn't want so much. I wish I had more photos on my wall. I wish I didn't waste so much time doing stupid things.

Days pass and every day, I don't do jack shit to change my life.

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