I just told my mum I didn't want to do chem nemore and she was like, WHY! I full spent like ages trying to make this decision, man, lol, FML. Ag, bio, art and PE .. Why am I doing it, lol. I always do pretty well in ag and I don't mind it. It just looks like a matter of remembering things, but I always remember the stuff. Unless I don't study it. I wanted to do PE since ages ago, cuz I reckon it looks interesting. Art is .. I think I'm gonna drop it in year 12, lol, like definitely. Year 11 art is just for fun, I think. :o And bio looks alright, it's learning stuff about the body. Right? Issert? I don't know.

Ag, bio, art and PE + 3u maths and adv. English

Went Parra, first time in 7 months minus 3 days, saw Manisay in Myer, not much sale stock left, I bought a Sportsgirl under eye brightener and two pairs of 40 denier stockings for only $10.45! Sale, 30% off Bonds, Mossimo, Davenport and Lovable underwear. And there were all these other underwear brands on sale, too. I didn't get anything. Went Sushi Bay, but they only played like one Korean song that I knew (Hot by Wondergirls). I love Sushi Bay, oh my gosh.

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