Haha, his face. LOL. Hmm, I don't remember having a 750th post. :I Okay. LOL. I woke up pretty late today, and I just hung a whole heap of washing, ughh, that was annoying. TT" I didn't reaally wake up that late, but whatever. I was wearing one of Nick's hoodies to sleep, and omg, I think my mum might've seen it .. I'm pretty sure she did. :O But she didn't say anything, which was really lucky, omg. Hopefully she thought it was like one of my toys or smth, hopefully she doesn't ask me anything about it later.

While I was hanging up the washing, I was thinking about some stuff. As in, what to do today:
1. Finish all my stupid maths homework that I haven't done during the week. I kinda don't know what it is, though, LOL.
2. Take some photos for _.
3. Watch episode 5 of Liar Game, LOL.

And I think that's all I thought up of. Hmm, I haven't had breakfast yet. Oh well. :I Err, I was looking at my legs this morning and yesterday and like, they're kinda/pretty long. LOL. :D! Yay.

I've gotten soo used to Google Chrome now. Everyone should use Google Chrome, omg, it's so good and everyone's like, Oh nah bro, it full crashes more than Firefox, but omg Firefox sucks, Google Chrome is faster. A lot faster. Like omg, now I don't have to type the full addresses for the places I wanna go, cuz Google Chrome finishes it off for me. And now I don't have to go to Google to search something, I just search type whatever into the address bar. And now I don't have to go to Youtube and then search something there, if I wanna search something on Youtube. I can just type like, 'yout' cuz Chrome finishes it off for me, then press Tab and I can search stuff. Without having to go to the Youtube page. LOL. I love Google Chrome. :D (Err, LOL.)

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