Internet's full slowwww, taking forever to load all this stuff. Gah, my blog is full dying, can't be bothered to blog and go online. Full losing views and shit, aw. :L Nick came over today and that was fun. :D We went Officeworks and then Maccas, and then we just hung around at home, and he taught me how to play poker and then we watched some drama and Idk, just talked. And he talked to my mum a lot. Cuz my mum talks to him a lot. :p I full badly wanna go shopping, and I ruined two of Nick's surprises. Cuz he ruined them for me! :( Not really, but it was all accidental. LOL.

Idk if there's a point blogging if no one reads it? But Idk.

End of half yearlies, omg, stress less much! :o I full wanna watch Liar Game, which is like this badass Jap drama and like it's really good. :D And I don't wanna do English assignment. Really badly don't wanna do it. UGHHH. Hate all this crap, omg. My birthday's coming up in 2 weeks, and I'm not sure what I'm gonna do for it.

Exams sucked, too. I don't know how well I would've done for science, ag, history and geography. Especially geography, oh my gosh.

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