Why do I even blog everyday. :o Lol. Everyday is becoming so boring and I've been getting tired pretty easily. Lol, this is like the first picture on my blog in a while that's not something to do with K-Pop (I think). Anyway, so every day, I've been waking up wishing I could sleep for just a bit more, going on the bus, school and then bus it home, getting home at 4:20pm. When I get home, I turn the computer on and make something to eat. I log into MSN and put my status as busy and change my personal message to study and open Google Chrome. I make a new table for Blogger, then Tumblr, then Formspring, and always in that order. I blog here, find a picture from Tumblr and then answer my Formspring. Then I get to work. I write notes and stuff until dinner time, which is around 7pm. I eat dinner and watch Masterchef. :D Then at around 8:30pm or 9pm, we wash the dishes, and after that, I either don't do any more work for the rest of the day and talk on the phone, or get back to the computer and work but talk at the same time so I don't know how much work I end up getting, but I still get some work done, and I do that until around 11pm. I finish showering at 11:20pm. Then I phone until I sleep, which, lately, has been around 1pm or 2pm max. :o This is like my every day for the past few days.

Finally got our fucking exam timetable this morning, when the exams are next week. Only for one week. Only non-calc. on Monday, but Tuesday-Thursday have 2 exams per day, Friday has 3. When I looked at the exam timetable, I didn't get as stressed and kind of felt a bit not as serious towards studying anymore. Anyway, English is on Wednesday, 80 minutes, and there's not really a way to study for it .. I fucking hate English. Why would I consider doing extension, oh my gosh.

Nick visited after school again, and that was nice. Who else is meant to hug me and hold me so I'm warm. :o I missed the train by like a bit, few seconds, ughh, so annoying, but we went over the line and got food. :9 Um, we got off at Livo and stayed there until around 3:30pm, and my buses really suck right now and I get home at 4:2om, UGHHH. It takes me like 50 minutes to get home by bus, sometimes, because it lags there and I have to wait for it to come to the platform, it just stays there, farout. Anyway, time to study. It's almost 5pm, man, wth.


Omg, yesterday I downloaded The SHINee World by SHINee, and I'm listening to 그녀가 헤어졌다 (One For Me) cuz it was just the first song I clicked and omg .. I LOVE SHINEE. :D :D! THEY'RE SOOOO GOOD. OMG. LOL. Key sings so good, like my favourite voice from SHINee, so much better than Jonhyung. :D! So yeah, currently downloading:
1. 2009, Year Of Us (SHINee)
2. The First Mini Album (I think that's what it's called? SHINee)
3. HOT (Tae Yang)
4. Stand Up (Big Bang)


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