What the fuck man, we don't even have our commerce notification and Kearney said we'd get it today, and we don't even have our fucking exam timetable yet. WTF MAN. Nick visited today, and we hung around at Livo station until around 4pm, and I took the T-Way home. I'm glad he came today. :D

Full looks like him! :O I'm looking at beastistheb2st, and aw, B2ST are so cool. :D But yeah, full looking through their archive cuz I'm trying to find a photo of Hyunseung i.e. Bowlcut when he had a lip piercing but I just gave up. LOL. I think Hyunseung looks good here, Doojoon looks cute when he laughs at the end and aw, lol at his face here. I should be studying, ughh, I really need to finish science today, I only have to cover like 4 more dot points on the Examinable Dot Points sheet and then I'll be done! ^^ But I still have to study for other stuff, so yeah. Angela's offering her commerce and science notes, and I still need to write my fucking short story for English and stuff for ag and history. Fuck, I really hate short stories, omfg, fuck my life. >:0


Okay I'm getting annoyed with science, because I have 3 points before I cover everything on the stupid notification:
1. Students apply processes needed to calculate the value of metal in Australia coins, for example.
2. Students describe the impact of the mining, extraction, use and recycling of aluminium on ecosystems.
3. Students dicuss issues related to mining including the impacts on the environment (with specific examples) and the compensation of land owners (including indigenous people). Ref: Is it worth mining?" Focus 4 unit 2.2.

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