This week has been so stressful and I totally lost track of things.

For this whole week, at home, I either talked on the phone, slept or ate. That's actually it. And I'm pretty surprised that's all I really did, but that's actually all I did this week, at home. Preoccupied with secrets, I didn't bother going online to socialise or doing work. School work and topic tests were completely forgotten. I slept early but woke up late, and I don't know why I felt so tired. For most of the weekdays, my schedule was so messed up and was basically nothing: I woke up late, went to school, slept when I got home until I had to leave for tutor or wake up to eat dinner, then talked on the phone until I was tired again, which wasn't even that late. If it wasn't that, then I'd manage to squeeze in a phone call before napping after school. Each night, I didn't pack my bag and left it till morning, just before I left for the bus. Or if I did pack my bag, I didn't check what subjects I had and just brought all the school books I could find lying on my floor, thinking that if I didn't need what I brought, I could leave it in my locker, and if I needed anything I didn't bring, it'd be in my locker.

On bus rides in the morning, I didn't listen to my music and instead, thought about things. I'm not even sure what, cuz I probably couldn't keep my mind on one topic for the whole ride. In the mornings at Liverpool, I didn't buy any coffee. I didn't care how I looked and didn't bother with eyeliner or mascara or anything. At school, it was better and I could forget about things during class. I wouldn't have realised that this week was pretty busy at school if I hadn't thought about it and tried to remember what actually happened. PE dance assessment on Monday. Geography presentation on I don't know what day. History topic test on the day I wasn't at school which was Thursday, I think. And a science topic test, maths topic test and linear exam at Truong on Friday. I had totally forgotten about all of those things except for PE dance. Even my Truong test. How can I forget a Truong test. :s After school, I took the bus and again, didn't listen to my music. When I got home, I usually ate something. Sometimes I even bothered to cook. The only time I ever did any work at home was on the day I wasn't at school. Even so, that was just copying down notes for my linear exam.

I'm so glad things worked out alright. I'm so glad I met you. After this, we've become closer, and I know you'll always be there for me. Even though this week was just so stressful and intense, it's good that things happened the way they did. Thank you, I love you.

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