Such a boring day today. I woke up and got out of bed and everything at 12:15pm. Oh, I changed the colour of the links on my blog. Every time I wake up late, at like 12pm and stuff, I never end up doing anything for the whole day. I sat in my room for a bit and was like looking around and stuff, my room has been so messy lately but I cleaned it up a bit. I was looking through the 2010 Ikea catalogue, and I regret buying a white side table. The birch/wood/whatever one looks better but like what can I do, lol, cuz if I get another one Idk what I'd do with the old one, and I'm not sure if we could use it anywhere else in the house. My room's so boring and I regret buying my white drawers, as well. I don't know why. I think the dimensions are weird, though. So yeah, I'm kinda annoyed with the stuff I bought at Ikea ages ago, but what can I do, right. Ughh and I wanna repaint my room and like change everything but I don't even have a job and I actually have like no money right now, kinda. I owe Danica but Angela owes me.

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