TODAY WAS GOOD. Um, dance prac was good, we actually got stuff done. Bought a new wallet from Sportsgirl, $24.95, will take a photo of it sometime, um .. it's black with a gold frame. And I got this $20 cropped top from Bardot, it's white with brown or black small polka dots. Bought this top from Supre, decided I didn't like it nemore, and now I have a $20 credit card thingo @ Supre. Does anyone shop at Supre, and wanna buy it off me? Like, it's for $20, and I'll give it to you for $20. As if I'm gonna buy fucking shit from Supre. Gotta go, but today was good, I'm tired and really poor right now, $35 only, far, got a party tomorrow, got Angela's skirt and I'm not even gonna wear the new top to the party cuz it looks kinda weird, but yeah, relying on Yvy for stud bracelets and Danica for her heels. I think it's gonna be black and silver, mainly. Gotta go do Truonggggg.

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