This is really weird. I just answered 12 questions on Formspring, and only 7 of the 12 came up. So I just lost like 5 questions. When I normally don't even get 5 questions. But that's not the point, lol, cuz 5 people just asked me things and didn't get answers. D:

Anyway, this is the first time I've been online properly in like a week or something? As in, I'm on the computer fully, not Genvin. So weird. I was out for pretty much the whole day, yesterday. Did I say I was gonna do my art challenge on Friday? Cuz fuck that, I only took photos for like half the day and I'm just gonna fill the blanks with photos from other days. But make it look like the same day, haha. Shh.

Friday, 12th March, 2010 Jennie's 16th birthday party
Today at school was such a bludgeee. People were getting injections period 1 and 2, and the people that didn't just hung around that area. So me, Vanessa, Angela, Christie and a few other people, Kenny as well I'm pretty sure, were just sitting around and trying to decide which leather jacket Angela should buy for Raymond. Basically, period 1 and 2, we just sat around talking and doing whatever, sitting outside the sick bay, haha. So yeah, we asked a few guys which one they would wear and stuff, and we read Shop and stuff like that. And fucken, Sophiea started talking about these fricken wtf pornos where two guys get anal-ed by a horse, and some chick shoves her finger up a guy's dick and shit like that, omg, so dirty. O_____O

The rest of the day was a bludge cuz I didn't have any proper teachers, all subs, and in English with Campbell, we just talked about Japan trip (fuck you, I so badly wanna go, FML FML FML FML FML FML) and formals, LOL.

Then after school, my group for PE dance stayed back to practise and make stuff up. A few other groups stayed back as well, and we watched Lisa/Avi/Kyleen/George/Luke/Mel's group, and they have this really badass fight scene which is like .. Soo jealous, LOL. Um, our dance is kinda far from done, I think, which is really bad cuz it's due on Tuesday? Fkn fk! :S We're gonna go Grace's house to practice, though, but that's still really late to leave it .. Ugh, we just really have to think of things and get it all done. Cuz I'm still kinda confused about how things are rolling, what order and stuff for our story, and we still really have to put it all to music. :S

Um, so we finished practice at around 4:30pm, and me and Grace took the train home. I got to Livo at around 4:40pm and caught the bus which was conveniently there already. Got home around 5:10pm? Fucken, had Truong to go to and a party after that, too. So I showered and got everything packed into my bag and forgot my book for Truong, and forgot to bring looseleafs, LOL. So had to borrow off Vivian but yeah, we just did questions anyway. Um, my Truong teacher said I was smart and really quiet, and that I was nice. Yay. LOL. :D But he collected my homework. :( I hate it how I never staple it, LOL. Oh, on the car ride TO Truong, my mum was like, Yo we'll stop by the house before you leave for the party, it's less than 5 minutes, you could even walk there anyway, so all the stuff I packed for the party was kinda unnecessary. And I also forgot to bring $5 entry fee, only had $3.30 in my wallet, LOL, but later on, I didn't even pay since I came late.

So yeah, after Truong I rushed home and got changed, blah blah, and got to the party at around 9pm! Saw Jennieeee. There were like heaps of people there, and the actual place was kinda small, though, cuz they rented a place and yeah. Found Jackiee, hung around with her for pretty much the whole night. So okay, you walk into the place (and there's a bit of space for people to hang around outside, too, like the stairs, a bit of grass and the paths and stuff) and there's a room which is like .. Bigger than the dance studio sized where the DJ was and people were dancing and there was some food in there, too. Outside that room, there's kinda like a short hallway where you find the toilets and at the end there's another room, where there's like a circle of chairs and where people have just been hanging around and talking and whatever. You can go out of that room and find a bit of grass and more space to hang around, and this connects back to the front, where there's other grass and paths, etc. And there's also this other small room, the kitchen, and Jennie's mum and sister and family were there and you left your bag there and stuff if you had one. Anyway, so I didn't really know anyone there besides Jacqueline, Jennie, Jennifer, Sophia and Sofia. LOL, all the names are so similar. Oh, I remembered like a few of their friends, like Brandon, Ash .. Err, I think that's actually it. LOL. But I met Troy again, and he looks really different, full taller and stuff. And he was nice, haha.

Anyway, the actual party was kinda like boring for me cuz I didn't really know anyone there, and it's one of the parties where a main attraction is the DJ and dancing, and I'm not into that and can't dance, as in don't know how to, LOL, so yeah. For a while I sat around in the circle of chairs, umm, I met this girl which was Jennie's ex's cousin, and I totally forgot her name but she went to Cabra High and had heard of me, and she was in year 10 as well. Newais, after a while of talking she's like, Wait, is your name Genevieve?! And I'm like, Yeeeahh and she's like Oh I've heard about you! And I'm like, Wth LOL, and turns out she knows Blosia, Alissa, Stephen, Patrick and I was like, Do you know Genvin, and she's like, Heard about him, or smth, and I'm like, Oh yeah cuz I'm his sis, LOL, and yeah, haha, she was pretty nice. Hrrm, oh, I borrowed Danica's Tony Bianco's for the night, THANKS SO MUCH, people really liked them, though, so many people were like, WHOA THEY'RE SO NICE, I LOVE YOUR SHOES and stuff, haha. ^^

But a lot of things kinda went bad in the night. Oh yeah, I remembered Fiona, their other friend, haha. Oh wow, just realised I didn't even say hi to her that night. LOL. Like a lot of things went wrong .. Brandon left the party and was missing for a bit cuz he was angry at Sofia, cuz she was drinking and smoking and shit. Cuz some people brought alcohol and were smoking and shit, ugh. Um, so he left for a bit and people were like, Wtf where is he, and calling and texting and stuff, and he picked up and a few guys went down the road to look for him, cuz he took a walk down the street. Umm, Jacqueline introduced me to like everyone but as if I'm gonna remember them, right? Lol. But there was this guy, his name was Peter, and he really reminded me of Jordan Cohen and Idk why. He was really nice, though, haha, friendly and stuff. Umm, got a few photos with some people but I don't really know who they were. LOL. And there was this guy who highfived like everyone, haha. Like there was a group of kids that were all skater and stuff. Oh, and there was this guy who reminded me heaps of Alex Gaskarth, LOL.

Um, but there was kinda like a fight at 10:50pm, so the party ended early .. This guy got bashed and he had 3 facial piercings and shit, got all this blood on his shirt .. So the party had to end early and stuff, I ended up leaving at 11:40pm cuz I didn't really wanna go so I lagged calling my parents to pick me up .. But yeah, Anthony got bashed, and the guy who kept highfiving people was like, Man I'm liking this Anthony guy, he's a fucken mad cunt, LOL, I asked him if he'd pierce my lip and he was just like Sure, man, I like this guy! LOL, cuz he was like full Australian and shit. Oh, err, most the people there were like white .. LOL. Like just if you guys were imagining everyone to be Asian .. LOL. Yeah so there was a fight, Anthony full had a nose bleed and we got ice for him, Sofia was taking care of him and stuff .. Ughh, sounds so dodge. I'm not even sure why he got bashed. o__o

Er, it was a really bad time for me to do this I think, but Jennie and her family and stuff were kinda packing some of the stuff up, sweeping up and stuff like that, but they still had the food out and omg I hadn't eaten for the whole day, almost, so I was just like eating even though they were packing stuff up, LOL. TT' And there was this guy at the party, and I think his name was Luke, but yeah he was friendly as well, and he reminds me of Milan kinda, LOL.

Jackie said she's upload it to Facebook, but I'm gonna have to ask her for a link. I'm hardly in any of the photos, but if I do then I'm pretty sure I look terrible, LOL. NO JOKES. O_OOO How crap, lol. Dad picked me up and I left really abruptly, cuz I had to make sure he didn't see people crowding around the guy with the nosebleed. Feel bad, cuz I didn't say bye properly, especially to Jennie. :( Jackie's not online either, so I can't pass a message. :( Sofia said I looked hot yesterday. Yay. LOL.

But thanks, Jennie, for the party! Everyone had heaps of funnnn. Hope you're not in too much crap cuz of what happened, but dw, as long as you had fun, right? It's expected of a party, I guess, too. But thanks so much, and happy birthday for the 20th, love you heaps and it was so good to see you again. ^^

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