Just a note, I'm not going to be online very much lately. Genvin's got work to do for year 12, especially extension 2 English. I haven't really been able to get onto a computer that much, I just go online when Genvin's doing the dishes, or when he goes into his room sometimes, to study. Also, I'm actually going to be pretty busy.
    Today - after school dance practice
    Thursday - after school dance practice then late night shopping at Livo with dance group, haha
    Friday - after school dance practice, then Truong maths, then Jennie's 16th
    Saturday - Kristina's party, but I don't think I'm going
    Sunday - Dance practice at either Grace's or Vanessa's
Gonna be pretty busy, right? Man, I'm kinda worried .. I asked Angela if I could borrow her skirt and yeah, but my plan was to buy two Agent Ninety-Nine zipper singlets (2 for $40), but I've really left it to the last minute, and Yvy checked Mac Sq for me today and they only had size M and L's. So I'm kinda worried, not sure what top to wear for Friday .. Maybe I'll find something nice at Livo, but I don't know what I can get for that cheap. So yeah, kinda worried. Dance prac after school was pretty cool, haha, we actually got some stuff done. Maybe we'll pull this off? Not sure, since some losers can't be fucked for practice. Gosh. Man, I'm so annoyed, if my parents decided to pay +$10 for my cap, I would've gotten more than double the amount of credit I currently get. Farout! :'( Oh, I took some photos after school today, of myself and around the house, that sorta thing. I'll upload on Saturday or something, yeah? Maybe tomorrow. Oh, but I don't think I can get a haircut in time for Jennie's! :( I really want a haircut, this long fringe is annoying me soo bad .. Full wish wish wish I can somehow squeeze in a haircut before Jennie's! Maybe tomorrow, at late night? I usually get cuts at Cabra, though .. LOL.

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