Are mossimo uderwear expensive O:

Um, not really. Some are, like if they're patterned or new designs and stuff. Most expensive Mossimo bra I saw was $40, but the normal ones are like $29 .. But I only buy the bras if they're on sale, haha. The briefs .. I'm not sure how much they were, but I got 2 pairs for $22 and my 2 pairs were 2 for $20. So yeah, that was cool. I love my Mossimo's, full comfy, LOL.

Wow, your cbox looks a bit lonely. LOL

Totally agree, LOL, I stop checking it for comments and everything, cbb with it LOL.

HAHA people always ask you what bag your bringing to school , how stupid.

LOL, I know right, I don't even have thaat many bags, and I usually just bring my CR bag for school .. For school, I'd only bring my CR bag or my brown Dotti bag, like if it was a mufti. Oh, or my Puma bag, but that's only if it's a Wednesday, LOL.

Why is my pee brown

That is terrible! Does it hurt when you pee? I hope not, that'd just be annoying. :( I Googled it for you, just typed the same question and clicked the first suggestion in the search, and I think it could be something wrong with your kidneys. I don't know if it's anything major or not, lol, but that, in general, isn't good. Maybe you should drink more water. Clean out your system, or something. And if you're wondering, I got the idea about your kidneys not working well from http://caloriecount.about.com/pee-brown-ft114892.


YOU ARE SUCH A .. OMG MAN! FAROUT. MAN, WHEN I SEE YOU ONLINE AND TALK TO YOU, YOU BETTER TELL ME YOU TALKED TO HIM OR HE TALKED TO YOU. Cuz come on, man, it's not like he goes on FB chat every day, and it's not like you're on every day too! So farout, you better have talked to him! :OOO


Hi! :D

who is the prettiest girl and guy in your school?

Oh gosh, I don't know. Just saying, I reckon my grade has pretty girls and stuff, haha. Um, but I don't know about the prettiest girl/guy in the school. o__o I think Blosia is really cute, and Alissa is pretty. I don't know, though. The guys .. I don't really check them out too much or nething, so I wouldn't really know. I don't think that Daniel guy in year 11 is thaat cute, though. Just saying. Cuz everyone's like, Whoa dayum, he's full cute, but err, I don't really think so. But as an answer to your question, then I don't know, and I don't wanna rate my whole school, LOL.

how are you?

I'm very good! Right now, I'm kinda tired and ofc, missing someone, but things are pretty good right now. Oh, well, actually maybe not 100% good, cuz I haven't asked my parents about Grace's house tomorrow, and I'm not sure when I'm going to ask, cuz I went out today, went out on Friday as well .. And if I tell them I'm going over to study for the assessment on Monday, they're going to be real angry and be like, Why the fuck did you go out then today, when you had an assessment tomorrow, wtf wtf, and I really don't think they're going to let me. But I'm going to have to talk to my parents about going out and stuff, my weekends are going to be busy for the next two weeks. Really gonna have to talk to them about it. Anyway, I'm good, now! I had fun today in the city, it was cool, but I spent a bit much, but it was on presents .. Should be alright. If I get a job, things will be good. :)

gennnnn i feel weird today D:

Aww, why! :(

I BELIEVE DREAMS FOR YOU AND ME. Gosh, this song keeps popping up!

Oks, this is what I sing, so it might be completely wrong/off/sound weird cuz it's typed up, but:

I believe dreams for you and me
Me ma e na ye ha ru e
Don bi ron e yo na me man u e yo do yon bi ru jo
You make me fly and smile again
Bi on dwi mu ji ge cheo rom
So ri ob shi nai pu ma enh gyo heng bu ju jo
I wanna make love
Ooh ooh ooh ooohhhhh.

Man that sounds so dodge, full couldn't remember the lyrics for some part. BUT I LOVEEE OASIISSSS, BEST EVEERRR. :D :D! I miss that song, badly. Haven't listened since I'm banned. LOL.

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