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Happy birthday, Amannda and Kristina. :)

Yayy, today was good, I had fun! :D So I woke up at around 10am or something, and my sister was gonna go city with her friend Jenny today. Originally, I was going to go with her, but I changed my mind last night, but this morning I thought, What the fuck! I have to get Danica's present, and as if I'm gonna be able to go to Livo or anything before Wednesday! So I spent a long time figuring if I should go or not, and then after I decided I would, I took a while trying to figure out what to wear. Today was Mardi Gras, man, but I wasn't going to stay for the parade. :( Anyway, so we drove out and got to Cabra at around 12, but there was trackwork today, so buses replace trains from Glenfield to Granville. Sis met up with Jenny, and Amy and this other guy were there as well, kinda awkward for me, but yeah, we got to Granville and then got a train from there. Our train came to Granville at around 1pm, so I'm not sure what time we got to city. Anyway, so we got off at Town Hall, and I went off cuz my sister and her friends were going to go to Darling Harbour to watch some dragonboat racing, or something, and then go to this little design fair/market thing at Kinokuniya. So I walked around Town Hall .. Oh, and when I was on the train I texted my friend, asking if they wanted to meet up cuz I don't wanna walk around in the city by myself when I could have the company of someone else. So yeah, they were gonna head out. Walked into Mooks, and they have three nice tops there, but one is just the girl singlet version that's slightly different to the guy version. And there's this nice hoodie there, but it's like $109, FML! I was looking at the hoodie, though, and the girl working there (that had a nice outfit) was like, Where are your boots from! And I'm like, Oh they're from Dotti, and she's like, Whoa, srs! And I'm like, Yeah, they were $60, keke, so she liked them. So I went through some of the shops around there. Oh, there were these nice Stussy tees, $29-$39 cuz they were on sale, but they were sz 10-12. :I Went into Kinokuniya, looked around a bit, didn't really see much .. Went into Myer and looked around the first floor, looking for a NP store if they had it, but they didn't, so I decided to get MAC instead, and spent a while looking for the right lipstick shade, took soo long and tried so many colours on my wrist and like I was running out of space on my wrist to try it, arghh, LOL, and then I found this nice shade and I asked the girl if I could get it, and she's like, Oh that's out of stock, ughh LOL. TT" But I found another colour, it's pretty nice, keke, kinda light/sheer, I think, but if you put enough layers it should be alright. And then I went into GPC cuz I was planning to get the zipper singlets, 2 for $40, wanted a black and white one, but I only saw one white one and I'm like, Err wtf, okaaayyy and then went to look at the sale stuff, but then my friend called me and gave me directions to Central station, where I was gonna meet them. Oh, and I looked at the rack with the Agent Ninety-Nine singlets again and saw the grey zipper singlet, but still didn't find a black one, so wth, whatever. :P

My friend called, so I walked over to Central to meet up with them, and thennn .. Went to Chinatown to get something! They were playing SHINee (Ring Ding Dong), which is kinda .. Err, like, did I break my ban? LOL. Don't think I did, cuz it's not like I actually turned on the music and listened to it, haha. But today I heard Ring Ding Dong, Last Farewell, Heartbeat and Man Man Ha Ni, just in Morning Glory and that Asian place with Jap/Krn dramas/CD's, LOL. :D Um, so I got a CD and it's pretty. :) Not sure what I did after that. We just walked around and stufff .. Went into Market City, and wasn't much to do there, didn't really shop or anything cuz I don't really wanna get stuff from there. Like, I felt like shopping, yeah, but .. Idk, not from there. Maybe I didn't feel like shopping, Idk. :L But yeah, we went into Morning Glory cuz my friend wanted to get smth, but it wasn't there. Oh, it was pretty hot today! D: I think we just went back to Chinatown after that, LOL, cuz we went to the Morning Glory there, and we spent like forever in there LOL, cuz I was looking at the plush toys and everything, keke. :D Got a ruler and a thing for my keys/pencil case/whatever, keke. And then my sister called me (this was like at 4:20pm) and she said she was going home now, at the station and everything, and I'm like, Errr, I'm not really close to any station, and yeah, we established that I'd go home myself. Cuz I didn't wanna go home so early, lol. Called my mum, told her my badass excuses and yeah, I was gonna go to Cabra and get picked up from my dad there, had to get home before it was dark and stuff. We didn't really have anything to do, so we just walked around and we were kinda tired, so we went to the park near Central station, and omg, it was just like .. Mardi Gra dress-ups everywhere, LOL, full so many of them. So we sat down and talked and stuff, and then after that I caught my train and bus and got to Cabra at 6:30pm and my dad was there and my uncle was there, hung around until 8-ish and then drove homeeee.

Wish I could've stayed in the city, though. We were in the city last year when it was Mardi Gras, by coincidence, and stayed there for dinner, and soo many people dressed up for Mardi Gras, it looks so fun! :O Lindy even skipped work so she could go .. I really wish I could've stayed for longer, man, full would've been mad to stay for the parade. Full have to go next year. D:

So today, I got a CD ($25), MAC lipstick ($35), Hannari doll, keyring kinda thing and new ruler. Feels like I spent a lot, though, cuz travel and my dad made me buy milk when we were in Cabra, which is like $5. :S I'll take a photo of the stuff I got tomorrow. Oh, and I didn't see the Animal skirt at General Pants, the one which was $80 down to $40. I really like it. :( Wish I could buy it online, but I don't even know what the fit would be like on me.


.. But I'm going to have to ask my parents about Grace's. I don't know if I actually will. I hope you don't get offended or anything if I don't. I'm going to have to talk to my parents about the days where I'm going out. If I just keep asking, every week, then it's going to make me look terrible, and my parents aren't going to let me out too much. If I ask about Grace's tomorrow, then it's either:
A. Reason: English assessment is on Monday, we're going to study
Parents' reaction: What the fuck, why did you go out today when you have an assessment on Monday. As if you're gonna study when you go to her house, then, you're just going over to play, rahrahrah.

B. Reason: No reason, we're just gonna hang around
Parents' reaction: What the hell, no, you went out yesterday.

So either way, I'm pretty sure it's not gonna work, my parents will be angry/annoyed. :S How are we even going to study, though .. So maybe it could be better if I stayed at home. Cuz I'm almost sure that I'm not going to be allowed to go tomorrow. Actually, if I tell them I have an assessment on Monday, then they're going to badly tell me off for not managing my time properly, and that I go out way too much. :S I don't think I'm going to ask .. Don't get angry. Please. :( But seriously, I'm going to have to talk to my parents about going out. Next week is going to be my mum's birthday, so maybe we'll go out on that day. The Sunday, though, is the day where we plan to go to Vanessa's to practise for our PE dance, which is going to be due really soon. The Friday in the week after that, I'm going to a party. And shit, I haven't cooked anything for Day Zero this month, have to make something tomorrow, FUCKKK.

Holy fuck, I just realised that my group has a geography assessment due on Monday, and we actually haven't done anything. Fuck, guys, get online. :S

Spending forever to find a good photo off Tumblr .. it's been around an hour ..
Can't be fucked, just gonna put whatever.

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