Us flatties have to stick together.. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. ;D

LOL, flatties. :L

I need to grow some boobs too. :D

Aren't you so glad this is all anonymous? HAHAHA. Nah, but high five, LOL.

wow @ those 13 yos. i'd just wear a tshirt and shorts LOL. anywayy, i wanna fall in love.. with the right person. this sucks.

Yeah, I'd just wear a singlet and shorts, right? LOL. But I swear, it's not like the got dressed up for no reason .. ? I don't know. Cuz it could've just been the theme, or they had nothing to do, but it's not like all of them decided to get real dressed up without telling each other.

So you haven't been falling for the right people? Well, I'm happy with the way things are for me right now, but most people probably know that already LOL. :D Dw, the right person will find you, and you two will be happy. :D

Geez, I want to be flat. I'm thinking of getting surgery later. But it costs so much.

Why do you want to be flat? Like I'm thinking you mean like FLAT, with like barely anything .. What size are you now? ;__; You don't have to answer that LOL.

Hey what are you wearing for mufti and for swimming carnival?

Is everyone planning to wear other stuff on the Wednesday? Cuz do we have to change back for sport? If so, fuck that, I don't wanna. And swimming carnival .. I don't even know what to wear anyway. :( Like, seriously, no idea what to wear. :S :S

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