582 (Se sang e gu de sol su de)

Omg, makes me look like such a fatass, full posting a photo of unhealthy food in the morning and everything. LOL. But far, don't they look so good, like intensely better than Red Lea and everything, gg. Ugh, this morning was kinda screwed. And I've got a sore throat. :( So I'm gonna look up remedies for sore throats, LOL. Ughhh and I think I should be hanging up the washing soon. Haven't done the washing in ages, ughh, I'm soo mega sick of it. Oh yeah, Genvin went with Stephen and I think Sophie yesterday to .. Idk, Livo? No idea, lol, but I'm pretty sure they went out to buy stuff for swimming carnival, so now we have this super big sombrero for Macarthur lying around the house, HAHA. Oh and I made a to-do list for the weekend and haven't done like anything on it, LOL. :( I have a bruise on my arm. It sucks. I was like, What, my arm hurts, and I looked at it and aw, I have a bruise. I really don't wanna work on the stupid idiot art sketch, farout. She's like, spend at least 40 minutes on it, far, I don't wanna do anything. I finished my shower at like 1-something, ughh. T__T"

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