575 / 6th february

LOL G-Dragon, you're such a noob (link).

My eyes are sooo dead, I swear, I don't know why. :( They were hurting since yesterday and omg, I wake up today and they still hurt. :( I don't even know who said it, but it was on my Formspring:

where do they sell the wranglers you want? I could possibly buy them for you
- OMG, ARE YOU FOR REAL?!?! WHOAWHOA. It'll make me sound full mega materialistic/spoilt bitch, but will love you forevssss. LOL. O____O But I swear, that's really nice of you, and I'll pay you back whenever I have the money, but just know that it'll take up to like a few months, LOL, cuz Danica, my mum and Michelle's birthdays are coming up, and I have to pay off my phone bill. So that might take a while. :I But omg, are you for real! :O

Yay! So DP told me about a photo printing sale at Big W, 10c instead of 15c, and there's a sale for that at Officeworks, only it ends soon, like today or tomorrow. So I'm on the Big W site and hoping that it's up to date, cuz it says they're on sale. Genvin and my sister went to print some stuff, but left a bit before I got out of the shower, so yeah, can't go with them LOL. :(

Oh, I got One Tree Hill season 5. Everything's full changed, they skipped like 3 years or something. Either that, or I started with the wrong disc, but I swear I put in disc 1, hmph.

068. Thanks so muchhhh, I'm really happy I saw you. :) You're seriously the besttt, I hope things will be okay and we'll both be happy. Love youu. :D

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