555 / Good things happen on Mondays

So good things happen on Monday, right?
1 Stayed up till 3:15am talking on the phone, even though I said I'd go at 1am.

2 Because I woke Genvin up because he woke up late and took 10 minutes in the bathroom and leaving me with only 5 fucking minutes to shower, get dressed, brush my teeth and get to the fucking bus stop, I was mega tired and bought myself a large iced coffee.

3 Was actually paying attention in ag, actually did work in geo with Yates. Sat with Chungy in maths, science was a bludge. Commerce wasn't too bad, sat with Wendy, Vincent and Jason. Omg, that's his name, right? Miss Smith isn't too bad as a teacher, too.

4 Happy birthday, Kevin! :D

5 Got my tax file number application form, and was filling that out in my room. My mum was at the dining table reading and opening the mail and ..

6 My studs from eBay came in, fuck yeah! :D (Btw, these photos are kinda dodgy, sorry, click to view larger, of course. :D)

Ordered 40 studs, they ended up sending 58. Ordered 8mm silver pyramids and cones, got a few extra in different styles and stuff. Yay! Just waiting for my iron-on domes from the UK.

How dodgy is my studding! :( That's all I did on that side, though, haha, and I'm lining the other side's pocket. I only got two on before I went to tutor, though, haha. But yeah, I'm gonna line the pockets with studs like 1cm or so apart. And I want to line the top of my back pockets, but I don't know if I'll have enough studs, omg! I need to buy more already. :( All distressing and studding is by me, yay! :D

That's my shredded shirt. :) I also cut little holes in it so it'd look more worn. It was this old cotton on shirt I bought in 2007, $7.50 down from $15. Um, I'm not sure what to do with the sleeves though. Taking out all the stitching is taking forever, but if I cut off the stitching it'll be too short. So I think I'll just take my time and take out all the stitching. The photo makes the shirt look kinda crap. Hmm .. I'll see if there's a better photo, wait.. Nah, the other photo's too blurry. Aw, I'll probably take another photo later though. :P

7 Oh, my dad came back from Melbourne today. :)

So today was a good day, I reckon. :D But I don't know why I don't feel happy atm .. :S

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