What do you think of Mr. X?

I think it was way slack of him to say that you were ugly.. If he's right for you, though, then he'll look past what he thinks and would get to know you better, and see how beautiful you are! :)

Concerning Mr.X :L ,no he doesn't know I like him, but he told my friend because they're close.

Ohhhhh. Aw, that's so cut, though. Do you still like him?

wow, you actually answer to all the questions! What a dedicated blogger xD

Cuz it's slack if I don't answer some! LOL.

hey g i dont think u should post ur formspring replies on ur blog, its making it a bit boring :p i come there to read the blog and u dont realli blog anymores lol but up to u

I AGREEEE. I didn't even think I'd get so many Formspring questions! But I'm still gonna post them on my blog.. Cuz it's just easier to see your answers and stuff. Hmm. And yeah, I noticed that I've been so lazy to blog recently. So lazy to go on Tumblr, too. :S I'll try and figure something out. :D

Why are you so gorgeous genevieve?!? D: if only i was pretty as you...

Aww, thank you! <3 If only I was as sweet as you, keke. :P

GEN! I think i still have one of your scrubs. Oh crap, i haven't watched it in months. Would you like it back?

I'm assuming this is Danica, and if it is, then don't you have seasons 1 AND 2? :OOOO!! Cuz I know Vivian has Season 3, but she wouldn't call me 'Gen'? I think? Lol. But yes please, I'll have it back ASAP? Cuz seriously, man, I gave it to Nicholas in term 2 holidays LOL.

Genevieve - Eg vein eve. Genevieve In - I, evening eve. that's anagrams of your name. Why weren't you wearing pants?

Cos I don't like wearing pants. LOL. Jokes, I was in a rush and thought I wouldn't have to wear pants, hmph! HAHAHA.

You are the coolest girl I've ever met. You're smart and beautiful and so much more. I think I'm in love with you..

Aw, thank you! :D This could potentially be like Eugene, but he normally leaves his info? Anyway, thanks so much! No idea who you are, though. :( And I totally wish I did.

how do you download videos from youtube?

Get the URL for the video you wanna get, and then replace 'www.' with 'kick', and then when that loads up, you click 'Go' and yeahhhh ..

Dude you have to get over genevieve you have no chance with her, she's perfect And guess what, I know she's perfect. and all of the above. Fuck face.1 hour ago what do you think about that ?

Lol, what an angry response from Eugene. Um, well, I know he says that kinda stuff? And he's said to me before? Err. So what I think about that is that yes, I agree that he has to get over me cuz it's been a while and I kinda have a different love interest, lol. Oh, but that was kind of an aggro response from him, haha.

how many white daygos are there in our grade........

I was gonna get my school photos and count, but I kinda can't find them. :O

NOW ?!


how about now ?


are you beating eugene yet ?

Is this Liza. LOL.

hahaha, i dont know why i type 'nick' especially since the 'e' is on the other side of 'k' i was meant to type nice :L

Oh LOL. I thought it was a typo like that, hahaha. I don't really talk to them, yeah, but they seem pretty cool and friendly!

my song titles are longer than yours

My penis happens to be longer than yours.

what dyu think of the world in onee word

Messed-up. LOL.

aw, i have all the seasons up to s8! I'd lend them to you but we dont really talk and you dont really like me

Wait .. Season 8 Scrubs?! THEY'RE UP TO SEASON 8?! WHAT. LOL. Or are you talking about How I Met Your Mother? I have no idea how many seasons they have. O__O

can you name all the guys you've liked? :)

LOL. But that would be embarrassing for me. LOL. I'll say that I've liked Lawrence, Nicholas and Kin-Mun. And that's all I'm saying, yeh, LOL. :P

http://bit.ly/69gDZpI found Wally.


im so into k pop now, and the guys are just so hot :P

I know! Man, I'm really getting into MBLAQ. And they are so cute. Seriously. LOL. :D Kinda getting over B2ST .. Idk, some of the K-Pop songs I got aren't thaat good though, haha. :P

are you going to leave your hair long, or get it cut again ?

I've been thinking about that! I'm going to leave it to grow long again, but even so, I'm gonna have to get a haircut sometime, right! Get rid of split ends, trim my fringe and crap like that. Short hair is badass, but I'm not gonna be able to find any photos/pictures of the hair I want (if it was short)! So I'm just gonna get long hair again, I guess. :)

Ask/tell me anything! :D

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