Okay, I know I've been getting heaps and heaps of Formspring questions, and I totally did not see that coming, seriously! :O But right now, I'm just gonna say that I'm really tempted to change my layout to something like .. Manisay's. In that it's just the original Blogger templates, but not ugly. LOL. Cuz it pisses me off to look through my old posts, cuz the only way you can do that easily is to go by month! That is so annoying, and I'd rather have 'Older posts'/pages of posts. So I might do something about that, but this is my layout that I've had since forever, and you guys might be kinda .. Prefer it with this layout? :L But I don't know, man.

And yeaaah, I realise that I haven't really been posting much for my actual blog, and you guys would see that like all the posts are fucking Formspring replies? :S SORRY. I love Formspring, though, hahaha, it's way fun, pretty glad I made one, keke. :P I've been so lazy to go on Tumblr, too. All I do is open a tab with Tumblr, go through 2 or 3 pages (or until I find a picture I like, haha) and then close it again. :S

Anyway, I woke up kinda early-ish today cos my dad called me to tell me to unlock the front door for him in 10 minutes. I kinda fell asleep though, LOL, and he had to ring the doorbell. Anyway, my mum told me at some time (Idk when) that we were going to get our swine flu injections and that I should wake up. Only I fell asleep, and she came around at 10, saying that we were going soon, that Genvin had finished tutor already and was waiting, so I was like, Holy shiett! And I grabbed like the first thing I found on the stack of clothes on my other mattress, underwear, and went for a shower. Like a super quick shower, man, full fast and everything, was crazy, haha. Anyway, I showered, brushed my teeth, changed, whatever in like 8 minutes LOL. PRO, YEAH? HAHAHAHA.

Got an injection, yeah. I have a purple bandaid with dinosaurs on it. LOL. And then we went to Happy Vegan for lunch, and I don't like fake meat and the noodles were really like .. salty. Idk, I didn't really like them, though. Either I didn't like them, or I wasn't hungry, cuz I'm not hungry in the morning. Hahaha. I came home, went on MSN and Danica tells me about how she got Mossimo underwear for like 50% off at Submerge. FML! :O Cuz I really wanna get black and white briefs again, hahaha, but yeah, I kinda have too much underwear I think. Like, next time I buy underwear, it should be like something pretty and not Mossimo or Davenport. LOL.

Still didn't get my timetable! And omg, for English tutor, homework was to read a book, and I haven't done that! :O Class is in like 2-ish or less days, and I haven't fricken read a book. FML! :O

Also, there's sale stuff at Loose Threads! Tops and stuff for $20! So I really really wanna go, right, cuz there's Stussy tops and stuff, so I full wanna get them. And I wanna try on harem pants, cuz I full wonder what they're like, hahaha. :P And I like black a lot more, cuz I kinda made a small list of things I wanted to get, and I kinda realised they were all black, LOL. :O Oh! American Apparel also sell nail polish, now! I'm pretty psyched, and I really wanna get them. You save a lot when you buy it in a 3-pack, too, so I really wanna get 2 3-packs! :DD!

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