Who's in your Visual Arts class?

Grace, Helena, Christie, Danica Prasad, Kyleen, Lisa, Koshila, Mitchell, Clement, Mariel, Monica, Annie, Cecilia, Karen, Anna Tran, Henry Clifton, Jodie, Clare, Trish, Rosie .. If I forgot someone or spelt someone's name wrong which I think I did, then I'm totally sorry. :(

what time do you get to school?

Um, I usually take the later train, and I think we get to Glenfield at around 8:32 or something? So maybe we get to school at 8:35 - 8:40, hahaha.

G ! your formspring made a comeback :D not there are more questions or w/e

I'm assuming this is Vivian? Haha, there still isn't the same amount of questions as before. :( When do you get back from Melbourne, or are you back already!


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