514 / Ready Go

Hey guess what, I think B2ST have a new song out! :D It's called Ready Go, and I just found it on someone's Tumblr, haha. Like, I don't know what you'd find if you YouTube it, but if anyone's really keen in listening, then the link for it is here. I think it's them, anyway, haha. :P

Ughh, I woke up later than I normally would've, and I even slept earlier yesterday! It's so annoying, ughh. :I School's back pretty soon, and I've gotta do Truong English homework. Farout, really don't feel like doing it. TT"

I need to clean my Country Road bag. Like, I left it in some hot water yesterday, and the water went so fucking dirty, it's crazy, man. O__O But uh, I think I might chuck it in the washing machine and hope it doesn't get pwned. :S LOL.

School's back in like 4 days or something? Farout. :( I still have to do stupid Mr Dillon's stupid maths sheets, wrap a few books, label all of them and wash my CR bag. I wanna get a navy/black one, keke. :D Btw, Ready Go is really catchy, I listened to it once and had to listen to it again cuz it's like so catchy, and the song finished and I still have it stuck in my head. --'

Ooh, not sure if I should get OPI for $13.50 off Sophiea. OPI ($13.50) or American Apparel ($12, 3 for $22)? Omg, I can't find the Aa nail polish on the site nemore, whaat. Fml. LOL. Probs get Aa ;___;.

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