You're cool, i wish we hung out more. You never talk to me on msn now haha D:

Then why don't you talk to me first so I kinda know who you are, and we can become good friends again? I totally have no idea who this would be, LOL. But talk to me! :D And thanks for saying I was cool HAHA. :)

Korean guys are NOT the hottest tyvm.

.. Well, they're pretty hot. :) Agree? :P

What does a guy do to win you over. I mean hypothetically.. not like i'm asking for myself.. hypothetically LOL, what gets your heart? :D

LOL. Well .. Just thinking about all the guys I've really liked, then personality is pretty big .. I don't know how to explain it, but knowing if the guy likes me back or not would make a big difference? Like, if they didn't, and I know for sure they like someone else, then a duh, I would totally give up, haha. But if they acted like they liked me back, making it really obvious or if I knew for sure they did, then there's a say higher chance that I'd get more attached to them. Hmm, oh, I have
to be able to trust them, yeah, and probably how close/comfortable we are as friends would really
make a difference, haha. And if anyone actually thought about all the guys I liked and compared them
with my answer, then some people I like aren't what my answer says, haha. Oh, and they have to be like nice
to me, and talk to me a lot, haha. :P

do you watch drama ?

Generally no, haha. Not Asian dramas .. If One Tree Hill counts as a drama, LOL, then OTH. :P

do you go truong eng tutor? is it helpful? coz i quit a while ago :l

Mm, yeah I go .. I don't know, man, seriously. Like, cos with maths, you'll know if it's helpful cos you'll be taught new topics, when you get exams, that's where you'll know if it's helping you or not. So anyway, since with English, it's not like formulas and only a limited way of doing things, I guess I
don't really know if it's helping or not, since there are so many good answers? :S So I really don't know, but English last year sucked .. But the majority of the grade did shit so I don't know if it was me or what. :S :S


Linear, hm .. Linear's annoying with the x1, y1 and everything, cuz it's so annoying to write that little 1 and then a comma, ughh. Intersection and union sucks. :( But if you need any help, then just ask? :P

what subjects are you taking for senior years?

Man I really really don't know. :S I think I might actually do PE .. 4u maths if I can? I really don't know about all the sciences, though .. But weird, man; we're gonna have to figure out what we wanna take sometime before the end of the year. ><

YOU GOT 100% for AP/GP. i didn't do so well :(

Aww! Don't worry, I don't think the test would be too important since heeaps of people didn't end up doing it! :P Just as long as you actually get it now, then that shouldn't be too bad .. Oh, and as long as you get where you went wrong in the exam then yeah (even though I don't think anyone has their exam back? Haha). But 100%, yayyerrr, keke. :DD

Listen to Mr.by Kara. love the dance hehehe

Umm, I'll add it to my list of things to download? I'd totally YouTube the MV for it right now, but I'm on iPod Touch and written answers for like 7 questions already. ><

wow, you shower super quick. don't you loiter around in your bathroom for awhile then shower?

LOL I was thinking, What the freak, how the hell did they know how long I take in the shower, then I realised I said so on Formspring AHAHHAHA. Well, I can't really loiter around and stuff since my bus comes to early. I can't shower earlier or anything too, cos Genvin showers before me and takes the earlier bus (7:20am or something, Idk). And what would I do before I shower, like check myself in the mirror or smth? LOL. Cuz dw, I do that for a bit when I get out, HAHAHA :P.

I'm back to ask questions :L

LOL, thanks. :D

Do you remember how much nylon costs?

OMG, when I bought it ages ago like in Feb/March last year, it was $8.50, but farout, prices of NYLON have fricken gone crazy, I think I saw an issue for like $10.50 or $11.50?! Gahh! I'm not 100% how much it is, but think $9.50-$11.50. :(


No worries, sexxy! :L


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