Shit, I'm up to 500's in posts because of Formspring. Since I don't get as many questions anymore (seriously, haha, it's so cut. D:) and since I was really bored just before, I answered my questions even when it was just one question. TT" So yeah, Formspring kinda spams my blog. :(

Anyway, who got 100% in AP/GP Truong test? Wooo, me and Alan! :D Hahaha, and we got the same for the linear test too, so we've been getting the same mark for the last two tests, yay. :D Anyway, talked to Wendy, and she told me a few more people who dropped/rose out of/into A1. Idk, I wonder what our class is gonna be like. Who's Danica gonna sit next to .. LOL.

Anyway, it's come to my attention that I don't talk to a lot of people. Oh, and me and Grace were talking about our 'forests', which is like our 'network' of people we talk to and have heart to hearts with, that'll be there when we fall and everything, haha. :P Anyway, so it's come to my attention that I don't talk to a lot of people. Like, I swear, when I talk to people, it's kinda like in 'phases' .. Like, I've talked to a lot of people, but when we start to drift, I'm not sure if I do anything about it? Like, a lot of the conversations that I have on MSN are only started when the other person talks to me first. That kinda sucks, man. And some people that I used to talk to but don't anymore .. I don't know, I wish I still talked to them, sometimes. :(

Man, sometime earlier this week, we were out of cereal, so I bought Milo cereal and omg man, honestly, I don't even like Milo that much, but Milo cereal is the best. LOL. So we finished the box in like 2 days, and then we bought another box today and yeah, I'm totally gonna snack on it sooo much, keke LOL.

066. So there's this guy, right. I totally miss him so bad. Just .. so badly. :L

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