listen to 2am's new mini album :D

Um, well, honestly, I don't really wanna get anymore K-Pop for the time being, cuz if I get heaps of new music at one time, I'm not gonna end up listening to it. I'll only pick out the songs I like and skip the rest (which is what I'm doing already, omgsh). So when I finally get sick of the K-Pop songs I'm listening to now, I should download new songs then.. So that's why I have like a list of shit to download LOL.

i have no idea what to do for my book cover this year ):

Yeah! I was totally not sure what to do either, haha, cuz I was thinking of doing what I did in year 8 (black contact all my books and have magazine cut outs on each of them to differentiate), but I didn't have black contact, and I only had white. White looks so pussy compared to black! LOL. O__O But anyway, I found some posters that I wrapped my books in. Freebie posters from General Pants Co. LOL. And I just wrapped mine in postersss.

Apparently a lot of people this year are doing the whole black contact thing, though? :O If too many people do it, that's so not cool nemore. :(

why is my other half such a @*^W%*^? you probably know who it is but let's try and keep things anonymous here :)

Well I only have one guess who it is? Lol, you two are .. Idk, I rkn you'll look back and be like, 'Wth was I thinking' kinda thing. :S

answer your questions man ==


when is your blog makeover goign to be finished ! :(

Umm, well it's pretty much done, I forgot to change the writing at the top that said it was under construction LOL. All I really wanna change is my profile page, now, but I can just do that whenever. The layout's actually finished, so yeah. :D

idk what questions to ask you :(im so unimaginative.

Then don't ask me anything, hahaha.

wow G, it really is dying :(i should ask you more questions !

Cuz I haven't been replying often! LOL.


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