Wow, I've really lost heaps of Formspring replies! LOL, cuz I haven't been on to answer them, keke. Everyone's getting Formspring; Genvin got one last night. Arrgh, farout man, everyone's been using the same site for counters on their blogs, but now, all of them are fucked up and everything after the code for the counter doesn't load, cos the counter's not. So I took mine off, gonna make a new one. How many views am I losing now. :( LOL. Cuz seriously, man, I would've left a Formspring message on Amanda Thai's Formspring yesterday, saying happy birthday and that I hope she like has a good time at her party which is on like a fkn cruise LOL. But NO, fkn counters weren't working, and I couldn't figure out her Formspring URL, which is weird. O__O

I was really tired last night, and Truong homework was wayy pissing me off. Cuz this topic is kinda annoying me already, cos it's based on quadratics, and I'm kinda like 'Shit, how do I draw this, why does the answers have a different sign, blah blah', ughh! Cuz I got up to the 2nd last question and couldn't think how to do it, farout .. So anyway, since pest control, I was really lazy and instead of moving the single mattress in my room back to my sister's room (where it belongs, haha), I just chucked it on top of everything on my double bed that I normally sleep on LOL. So for the past two or three days, I've been sleeping on a single mattress which is just on top of everything else like my blankets and shit, and because it's just on top of my blankets, it's kind of at a slight angle? LOL. And I've been sleeping with like my pillows and a blanket case instead of a blanket HAHAHA. I sound like such a fricken retarded, omg LOL. Anyway, so I was really tired and fell asleep with the light on and my DET laptop on the floor playing some K-Pop. Woke up .. err, when Danica called me, but not cos she did. Cuz I woke up (this was maybe at like 1 or 1-something, I've no idea lol) and thought I should turn off my laptop, and then Danica called me (good timing, haha) and then I went out to the room with all the computers and talked on the phone. When I went back to my room, I saw that my laptop was off and I totally didn't even remember turning it off, but I just assume that that's why I woke up, to turn it off. Cuz I have no idea what else I could've done. LOL. So I went back to sleep and fell asleep. Woke up again at like 2-something and washed my face and then went back to sleep. LOL. Woke up again at 3:16am cos I got a text message, but I think I was reaally tired cuz .. I might've read it, rested my head again, almost fell asleep and then woke up again, thinking 'Shit, I forgot to reply that text, they sent it ages ago', but when I checked the time, it was 3:17am LOL. I sound so fkn messed up HAHAHA. Anyway, texted until 4am and then went to sleep again.

I'm losing my intensely flat stomach (not really) cuz I've been doing crunches instead of sit ups. Crunches only work out the top part of your abs? Or like, the top part of your stomach? Idk, but the TOP PART, LOL. So that part's getting flat and harder and whatever (that sounds really weird, hahaha) but the rest of my stomach is kinda losing the lines? FML. Cuz sit ups are so much harder than crunches, and omg, I used to never do crunches, how bothered was I! :O Crazy, man, omgsh. So I'm gonna have to do more sit ups. And I only have to do 10k sit ups until I finish 35k for the holidays. Woo yeah. :I LOL.

Nomnomnom. This picture makes me want to eat candy. :(

That's cute, LOL. Not directed at anyone or anything, haha, calm down. :L

Umm, I wanna go Avi's house, it looks pretty fun, haha. I swear, it's pretty much a party LOL, cuz if you're gonna have a bunch of people over at your house, isn't it pretty much a party? :L But I don't think my parents are gonna let me go, cuz I told them that I didn't wanna go so I'd have a higher chance of going out to city (yesterday) LOLL, but my mum hasn't been feeling that well lately so yeah, I don't think I'd be able to go anyway? Lol, Idk. And cuz I've got Truong on Friday, as if I'm gonna make my parents drive me to Avi's house for a bit and make them pick me up and drive me to Truong. Sif they would even want to do that. So I don't think I can go. :I Omg, isn't it so cool how I can wake up at like midday but still have things to blog about, even though I haven't done anything (gone out or anything) since the last time I blogged? HAHAHA. Seriously, though, I've done it so many times, when I wake up and just blog about nothing? LOL.

063. MISS YOU. I didn't even realise when you were gone. :(

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