Gen do you want a Melbourne spoon? I see them here all the time. Hey DJ is selling levis super skinny for $75 from $129. I was going to get some but the smallest size was 10 :( how are your holidays?

Ooh, what colour/style are the Levi's? I don't know if I'd wear them, though, cos it's summer .. Oh. Oh psh, I'm like a size 6 LOL. I hate that, when they have nice jeans but NEVER YOUR SIZE. RAOYDIOUYOWEUIEUW!! :L. Holidays .. We almost have to go back to school, man! :(

*** Hey these replies suck, esp. the questions that look like they're from http://theyahooanswers.tumblr.com/ LOL, cuz I just got home and Genvin's dancing behind me cuz he's waiting for the computer again, and I'm tired, and my legs are tired, so these replies aren't that good to these intense questions HAHAHA sorry.

How do you stop your penis from bleeding if you nicked it with a steak knife? I wanted to make penis shaped cookies for my gf. I wanted it to be an exact replica of mine so I laid my penis on the dough and was cutting the dough in the shape of my willy.

Oh snap! Wear a pad so you won't get blood on your panties.

Why is my sperm so powerful?I've only been with my gf for about 2 weeks, but the doctor says shes 4 months pregnant. Why is my sperm so potent?

You have superman sperm.

I heard putting some tequila helps my 3 year old brother sleep better. Is it 1 part tequila and 4 parts milk or 1 part tequila and 3 parts milk?

I think it's milk.

G, you're not answering as often as before, answer more often !

Cuz I was capped, sorry! Haha, I'll reply as usual now; we're uncapped today. :)

bring formspring back to your blog !

I will! :L

sometimes when i masturbate too hard, blood comes out of my dick and it has happened alot of times before can u help?

I'll help you. HHAHAA. JOKING. LOL. Are you sure you're masturbating, not cutting yourself with a knife?

thanks genevieve about the black contact paper tip. today i fought off some 12 year old girl for them at kmart :L

LOL, I keep thinking this is like Sophiea, hahaha, cuz she got black contact too. ANYWAY, I totally wanna do that one day! LOL. Like, fight someone over clothes or something @ a sale HAHAHA.

there is a waterbomb in my headless pot from the party :L

OH. LOL. Christie might've left it there, I think. Cos she was the one holding them when we locked ourselves in your room. HAHAHAHA.

you're beautiful :}

Thank you! :D <3

Who's Ms Skola?

She's got glasses, English teacher, European looking, has a tragus piercing.

should i contact my maths book?

I can't be bothered doing my maths book .. I don't see why you wouldn't. :P If you're doing the rest, you might as well, hahaha.

oh my gosh im capped ! T___T



I will! O__O Sometime. LOL.

maybe, it means that you're the girl from the dream..

Wait .. I'm the girl in Riley Harrison's dream?! O___OOO

some year 7s think youre really tb or somethng, and youre a bitch, but to me, youre completely the opposite! :D youre really smart, and pretty! a very good inspiration :D (:

Ooh, so you're in year 7? LOL. So do people in your grade think I'm a bitch? Aw, haha, that sucks. But thanks! <3 :D

your formspring is dying, maybe you should advertise it more :L

LOL cuz I was mega capped and went out today lol sorry.

how many boyfriends?


people asked him who the girl he texted was, her name was genevieve. he goes to our school.. what a coincidence .

Oh rightt! Sorry I didn't get what you were saying, I was just like .. WHAAT. LOL.

mr kearney is THE BEST !

Is this Wendy? He has a Vaseline-neck. HAHA.


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