whats your favourite bit from scrubs? How much have you watched? Sorry for posting twice ^-^

Hahaha, nws! Man, Scrubs is .. epic. LOL. How can you have a favourite bit! :L I've got seasons 1-3 (and everyone's borrowed them, I don't even know who has them anymore! :O) and I borrowed season 4 off Angela. Need season 5+. What about you! :P

scrubs!!!!!!! Looooooove

I know right! I really need season 5, though. Vanessa's got it, but she's overseas! :O I'll borrow it from her once school resumes, and I might borrow season 6 off Nicholas, if he wants to talk to me, y'know. :I LOL.

omgomgomgomgomg why are you so popular and beautiful and omg genevieve you are like arghhhh so jealous of you ! :o MAN OMG CAN YOU GET A LITTLE .. worser ? hehe D:

LOL, first person I reckon this is, is Sophiea. Just from the way it's typed, hahahaha. :L Anyway, you sound so excited and like .. hyped, haha.

But omg, thank youuuu! :D <3!

Ask/tell me anything! :D

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