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1. About me
I have blonde hair.
I have Brown/Black hair.
I have red hair.
I have a different color of hair.
I have highlights.
They are natural.
I think I’m pretty.
I think I am ugly.
I think I am okay looking or in the middle of pretty and ugly.
I am comfortable with my appearance.
I would change something to do with my appearance.
My teeth are bright white.
I wear lots and lots of make-up.
I wear an average amount of make-up.
I don’t wear make-up.
I am stereotyped.
I hate being stereotyped.
I’m tall.
I’m short.
I’m medium.
I have blue eyes.
I have green eyes.
I have brown eyes.
I have hazel eyes.
My hair is naturally straight.
My hair is naturally wavy.
My hair is naturally curly.
I like my hair.
I hate my hair.
I have large feet.
My feet are small.
My hands are big.
My hands aren’t big.
I never get pimples.

2. Relationships.
I have a boyfriend.
I am single.
I like being single.
I don't mind being single.
I hate being single.
It is hard for me not to flirt.
I have never cheated on a guy before.
I have cheated on a guy 1+ times.
I would take a bullet for my boyfriend. Errrr ..
My boyfriend would take a bullet for me.
My boyfriend is hot.
I see my boyfriend at least once a day.
If I had a boyfriend I would be much happier.
I like being known as “His Girlfriend.”
I would pick a guy/my boyfriend over all of my friends.

3. Friends.
I have more than 1 best friend.
If I had to choose my very very best friend, I couldn’t do it.
If I had to choose my very very best friend, I could do it, but it would be very very hard.
I have one or more good friend I can tell everything to.
Sometimes my friends make me feel left out.
I like being around new people.
My best friend lives close to me.
I hate it when my best friend and I get in a big fight over the stupidest things.
I believe that all true friends must have fights in order to make it work.
My friends are not stuck up and open to new people.
My friends are known as the popular or preppy group. Idk?
I think they are just ordinary people.
I would take a bullet for my friends.
I love partying with my friends.
My house is the place to be.
My friends and I always hang out.
I would never pick a guy over my friends. Oh depends.
My friends sometimes make fun of me but they are just joking.
My friends are good at sports.
My friends and I are pretty close.

4. Family.
I have a brother.
I have a sister.

I have no brothers or sisters.
I have 2+ brothers.
I have 2+ sisters.
My parents are not divorced
My parents are divorced
My parents fight a lot/used to fight a lot.
I’m kind of happy my parents are divorced because now i don’t have to hear them fight.
I hate the fact my parents are divorced.
I have clothes at my mom’s and my dad’s house.
I live with my mum.
I live with my dad.

I live with both my parents.
All of my siblings live with me.
I am the oldest child in my household.
I am the middle child in my household.
I am the youngest child in my household.
I have stepbrothers.
I have stepsisters.
I have living grandparents.
I have living great-grandparents.
I have more than 2 aunts and 2 uncles.
I have A LOT of cousins.

5. Make-up, Clothes, & Shoes.
mascara sometimes
foundation sometimes

baggy jeans.
tight jeans.
in-the-middle jeans.
designer jeans. they're lee? lol.
mini skirts.
mini shorts.
capris. wth is that?
sweat pants.
flannel/pajama pants.
blue jean shorts.
khaki shorts. hurlstone kids HAHA.
soft/loose shorts.
Tank tops.
loose tee shirts.
tight tee shirts.
big tee shirts.
band tee shirts.
Two piece swim suits.
1 piece swim suits.

tennis shoes.
air jordans.
adidas shox.
high top running/basketball shoes they're high cut?
other types of running/basketball shoes. they're mid cut?
track spikes.
high heels.
vans and converse. sometimes

Yeah, agree with Christie, this wasn't that good. :L

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