I should be going tutor soon but my parents aren't home yet. Today kinda sucked, and it was so hot outside (even though I didn't go outside, haha), so I just watched One Tree Hill and stayed inside with the air cond on for like the whole day. There was like nothing to eat, and farout, these holidays I've eaten soo much Easy Mac LOL, it's not even cool, man. Oh, I think I weigh 45kg now, cuz I weighed myself this morning and yeah. I should've went Avi's today, but my parents were busy so I wouldn't have a ride there, anyway. D: Man, my Formspring is totally dying, I hardly get questions, omg, it's soo sad. D:!! Yeah, seriously, I'm totally losing questions and everything, getting so bored ;___;. And sometimes, I'm just too lazy to go on MSN, Blogger or Formspring (i.e. go on the computer at all, haha) so yeah, that kinda makes things worse.

Danica got a nice new phone! Umm, Nokia 6760 if anyone's wondering, haha, it looks pretty intense. Faar, I really don't feel like going to Truong cuz I had some problems with homework and that really sucks. Also, I should be leaving like in 3 minutes, but my parents went out to watch Avatar 3D (lol, me and my sis were too lazy to watch with them) and like, omg man, I should be going soon and they're not even home, FML!!! T__T"

And omg, man, school is back in one week. Like, less than one fricken week. Like, this time next week, we would've had one day of school already, aaannd today's almost over, so that's less than a week until school resumes, which is fricken FML. And yesterday, I went Parra Westfields for a sec and when I went into Sportsgirl, I tried on orange nail polish for kicks and another colour, and when I got home I decided to paint the rest of my fingers different colours just to see what it'd be like if I did, haha, so they're all different colours, but two of my nails are black, two are the same pink.

1. NIKE grey/black carry all from Insport ($59.95)
2. DOTTI black ankle boots ($59.95)
3. AGENT 99 studded bomber jacket ($149.95)
4. LEE singlet that I forgot the name of ($49.95)
5. WRANGLER ripped, studded black cheeky ($129.95, I think?)

FAAARROUT. T___T""" I soo wanna go shopping, oh my frick, man. :'(

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