I haven't been blogging about important things, LOL, cuz I keep making separate posts every time I blog. Anyway, me and Genvin just got really worked up over killing a mosquito, LOL. Cuz at first, apparently it was flying around near my head, then it went on the table. Genvin tried killing it but missed, and it flew around near the ceiling, and Genvin was full eyeing it and stuff, HAHA, and then I had to watch it for a bit. It flew around the other side of the room, and then we rolled up the letters from Hurlstone cuz it was like the closest thing on the table, LOL. And we were full hitting the walls reaally loudly LOL, and yeah, we got it. I got it. HAHAHAHA. Best shit ever. Like we were really worked up about this .. HAHAHAH.

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