Gaahh. I woke up today and my parents were saying how they were going to go to North Sydney, cos my dad had to pick up a camera or something? So I was thinking, Chyeah man, now I can go to Livo for a bit and check the top and possibly buy it if it's there and also go to Spotlight and Supre. LOL. So I actually woke up earlier and stuff, my shower was finished by 11:30am, I think. Wow, that's early. Hahaha. Newais, I sat around for a bit and was like totally bored, and it looked soo fricken hot and I'm like, Hmm, should I? Newais, at some time my mum called and turns out my mum was in Cabra? Cuz I thought she'd be with my dad, but omg, turns out she was in Cabra, so it was kinda good that I didn't go Livo. But she came back at lke 1:55pm, and I could've gone out. :( But oh well. I really hope I go soon.

Omg, I have a Truong test on Friday! Seems so close, gahh. :S Uh, can someone explain the 3rd AP formula please? I don't really get it. :S Shit, man, I should actually be studying! :O Frick frick frick. TT"

Shieeet man, Supre shoes are soo badass (link). They're so expensive though, gosh, so I guess I'd go for like Puma or Adidas instead. But omg, they're sooo nice. The highcuts, omg .. They just look full pro badass. LOL.

Oh yeah, happy 3 months Nick and Kim. :P

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