#046 Stay up until at least 4am at a sleepover.
Completed 1st January, 2010

It was like, the best! Hahaha. We actually went to sleep at 6:15am, and the sun had started the rise. Jacqueline's room was actually bright, LOL. But yeah, it was me, Jacqueline, Jennifer, Emily and Sofia. Only Sofia was asleep, and had been sleeping since like 1-something. This was for New Year's. And at like 3:30am, we decided to make instant noodles, LOL. Only I was on the phone. :) But I still hung around with them in the kitchen. We slept until around 12:20pm, but got out of bed at 2:45pm. LOL. It was actually really, really fun. :D


#091 Tell someone how I seriously feel about them.
Completed 23rd December, 2009

This wasn't really epic. Not as epic as it could potentially be. But still, I told them everything. <> Yeeah. :)

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