Wtf, everyone's Tumblarity is dropping. Inlcuding mine. Which is pissing me off, LOL. It was like 284 like two or three days ago, then dropped and now I sign in and wtf, it's 19? :0
http://coffeetae.tumblr.com/: WTF, MY TUMBLARITY WENT FROM 14000 TO 7000 FML FML FML
http://fuckyeahprettygirls.tumblr.com/: Tumblarity = Completely fucked.
And like 75% of the users are complaining about their super high Tumblarity dropping. Gosh, I'm sorry you were like 50k down to 20k. That's pretty intense, though. LOL. :0

I haven't been to Livo yet. :S I'm kinda worried that top is gone. It was soo nice, seriously. So I really fucking wanna go Livo, no jokes. Like if my parents said they were gonna go to Cabra for like 2 hours, I would totally just go to Livo and get that top. Or see if it's there and get it if it is. Cuz seriously .. farout, if it's gone. :'( :'( !! If anyone's going then pls pls pls get it for me or check if it's there? :O I'll pay you back as soon as I fricken see you, gosh. :OOO (No jokes.)

And there's new stuff @ GPC (kinda). I really wanna go shopping cuz the clothes I wear now are like .. Kinda .. 8-) I'm getting so sick of it LOL. :(

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