420 Within my desert, you are my oasis

Was meant to go Bondi this morning but my sister was sick. So I woke up at like 9:30am and started cleaning my room so I wouldn't fall asleep. My dad came around at like 10am telling us to wake up, and omg, he calls and tells me to wake up specifically (again), and I was like pissed cuz I was fricken awake already, gosh. But then my sis felt sick, so my mum took her to the doctors and I went back to sleep. My dad walked past my room at like 12:15pm and he was like, WAKE UP, YOU SLEEP TOO MUCH, PICKING UP BAD HABITS FROM JACQUELINE AND JENNIFER (cuz they sleep late, that's all). And I was like .. FHEOWIURIUJDSAHFKJH. TT" Bitch. LOL.

FFFAAR. Can't add a music player thing.
It's only two songs, but this is what I've been listening to recently: Oasis by B2ST (I love that song, yeah) and 내 여자 (feat. Supreme Team) by 브라이언. LISTEN TO THEM. :D

Latest buys.
1. Kikki.K to-do list post-it notes ($4.95) @ Kikki.K
2. Nail It! Sportsgirl nail polish in Skipper ($7.95) @ Sportsgirl
3. Stussy S-logo necklace ($14.95) @ Gluestore
4. Sportsgirl hard case clutch in cream ($14.97) @ Sportsgirl

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