417 Gas'd

Wendy might like this. :)

Man I'm really running out of names for my posts. :( Anyway, so I woke up this morning and my dad said he wanted to go Bondi. He's so .. If he wants to go Bondi, then fricken tell us the day before! >:0 Cuz he always tells us in the morning and gets pissed that we wake up too late and then doesn't go. So I kinda go out of bed at 12:35pm LOL. Newais, so we ended up going Livo. If anyone goes, then can they please please please get me this top from Globalise? Cos I saw it ages ago on the mannequin and really wanted it, and I only saw it again today, with 20% off. It's a black singlet by Ladakh, and it has like two columns of slits. Um, it's a M but I tried it on and it was good, and it's $28 down from $35. And it's on the rack where the YSL singlets by Stussy are, and it's behind those singlets. If someone goes then can they pleaaaase get it for me and I'll pay them back ASAP. :OOOO Full want it. And I also saw these boots at Forever New which are pretty nice, but I think they're too big. I really wish I could sew my own clothes. Cuz Katie and my cuz sew their own clothes and it looks pretty cool. :)

Omg, Genvin was webcamming with Blosia, and farout, her room is really nice! :O She's got fairy lights, photos to decorate her wall and a You Are Beautiful sticker. :O I full wanna donate something to them now, or buy them. LOL. :O And I really wanna go Ikea to get fairy lights, and I need to figure out how I want to decorate my walls. And I need to get a bookshelf from Ikea. My sis suggested going Ikea today, but apparently the traffic is crazy, cuz DFO. :S

Oh and I accidentally changed my theme on Tumblr, but it's pretty nice. But I've seen heaps of people with it.. And frick! Truong homework :S. And I think my dad wanted to actually go Bondi tomorrow. I hope I see the top I want, omg, cos I only have $5 atm LOL. Would need to borrow off Genvin, braahh. LOL. :) And crap! Tumblarity's been dropping heaps. :(


LOL @ Doo Joon

Omgggg :).

So cute.

Btw that's not directed at anyone.


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