416 Ugh Justin Bieber

Farr I'm full tired. Went city today. Started raining when we were walking to the T-Way. Frick. So we were wet for the whole day. Had to take a bus to Granville and then train to city. Fricken hell. Newais I walked around with my sis. Started with $65. I have $5 now. Bought a bag from Sportsgirl, like the ones that are like a full hard case. Yeah, it's beige/cream and kinda snakeskin patterned. Was $39.95 down to $29.95 down to $15. Genvin and Stephen broke it on the way home, though, LOL, cuz we were shoving all this stuff in it. Nws cuz you can glue it back. Bought pink nail polish from Sportsgirl ($7.95). It's niceeee. Bought To-Do list post-its ($4.95) from Kikki.K. And a diary ($19.95). Umm. Sis bought two pairs of shorts from Gluestore, $50 each. Saw Champion Keds for fricken $30 but they didn't have my size. All these real nice shorts at Gluestore but farout, I didn't have money. But I bought a Stussy necklace to make up for my lack of buying stuff. :0 I sound spoilt. LOL. It's just a necklace with the Stussy S's logo. Yay. That's all I bought today, plus travel and stuff. Fucking tired az. Will post photos tmr? Idk.


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