#400 th post!

400th post! And last night, I got my 1000th message in my inbox! How exciting, AHAHA.

Happy 18th Nick! :D And it's my dad's birthday, too, I think he's turning 53? 52? :S Lol, I'm suddenly into red highlight. Maybe cos it's almost Christmas, so the red looks bright and appealing. LOL.

Anyway, I sent Nick a text at 10:41am and said happy birthday to my dad this morning/last night at like 12-something, ahaha. :P Me, my brother and sister were watching The Hangover in my room last night, and Genvin was complaining it was too cold cos my window was open (and it opens like 15cm LOL) so I gave him my pink baby blanket LOL. Today, we went to Cabra for yum cha. It wasn't that good. Nothing really happened today, I guess.. The weather's kinda terrible, all sad and grey. :0 Yvy's in Melbs atm, lucky kieent. I can't wait till after Christmas shopping. I'm relying on the sales to be able to afford all the things I want, LOL.

I'm writing a resume right now. I was all psyched last night to write one, cos I found Christine's and so now I have a vague idea what they're meant to look like and everything. Anyway, so I've written a bit. Hopefully I get a job this summer (that sounds so cool, 'this summer', LOL) and then I can go spree and shit, like I planned! :0 Nah but seriously, I really hope I get a job. And I also have to sell all my old clothes on eBay. I wrote a whole list of things to do these holidays, I should post it up here sometime.

Oh and I'm on Tumblr atm. Feel like posting you guys all these photos and stuff, ahaha. :P Oh, and I went to Loose Threads and saw the Stussy singlet I want, and there's this nice Lucky 13 singlet too. Submerge has a sale, 30% off all Mossimo underwear, so I was pretty psyched, even though I bought new Mossimo's on Tuesday. LOL. But they have new stock in, and it's all pretty cool. Gosh, I wish I was like Angela. :I LOL.



She's such a doll.

Full hot LOL. :0


Agree: Ron looks hotter than he normally does here.

Cute shirt. :D

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All the picture sizes are dodgy/inconsistent. :(


6:33PM Err .. I'm reading my report cuz it might help me think of 'Skills and Abilities' I can put on my resume, and it says on my Geo comment:

In the class settng, Genevieve is a personable and hard working student who deserves ever success.

And I'm like, What the freak does 'personable' mean. So I looked it up, and it says, 'of pleasing personal appearance; handsome or comely; attractive', what the freak LOL O___O. And btw, I'm a terrible geo student, and I have no idea why Carter thinks I do well, LOL. I basically copy what Yvy or Vanessa write, and if Carter asks me for answers, I just say what Yvy whispers or say, 'Uhhh, I have no idea' LOL. But wtf @ personable LOL.

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