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This is gonna take a really long time to write up, cuz it requires me to think. :0


So this year's almost over, yeah? I've written so many crap posts about this, but really, it's almost over. Less than two weeks until it's gonna be 2010. Less than a week until Christmas. I don't think I've really accepted that yet, cos I'm not incredibly excited. How weird.

I think I've changed a lot, this year. Most people have changed, really, and I'm not sure if it's for the better or worse. Some people think I haven't changed though, but nah seriously, I have. I don't know how. Judging from what people say: less moody, less bitchy, more girly and .. I guess I probably have different interests and style? I get the 'less moody' part, ahaha, and I don't know about less bitchy or not. :0 Probably girlier? Different interests and style is pretty big: I shop at different places, listen to different music, not into scene as much, stuff like that. So that's what 2009 has done for me. And I studied like crazy for the yearlies and didn't do that good anyway, haha. :0

Like I've said heaps of times, this year was like one of the best years ever. :) Cuz of all my badass homies, LOL, you guys are the bestttt! ♥♥ Oh, I talked to more/different people during the year, too, and had heaps of fun with everyone. Oh yeah, so I thought it'd be mad if I did that Alphabet thing that Kyleen's done on her blog, where you write a letter to someone for every letter of the alphabet. Only I'm not gonna write letters for every letter. :0 And I'm going through my phone contacts, LOL so people of the same letter might not be in the right alphabetical order.

A. Tran,
We don't really talk anymore, and you've been hanging around different people this year. So since I don't really talk to you, I wouldn't know if you've changed, but I think you dress good (bitch, LOL), notice weird things (like Cuntface) and you get influenced really easily by other people. :P But I think you're still the same person I used to hang around with who's really clumsy and does things like run into walls but still gets better than me in exams, LOL.

A. Kumar,
So I only started talking to you .. sometime this year. Wow, I'm not actually sure when/how we started talking. Oh, but I think it was about that girl you used to like, haha. You're really nice, and you've gone through heaps of shit this year. Sometimes I think you're a full on flirt, so if I don't say, 'I love you too', then a duh, nothing personal. O___O You're really social, too. Oh and you're also really skinny. Haha, but you're cool, you're fun. :P

A. Le Tran,
I still don't get why anyone would spend money and sht on COD6 and crap like that. No offence. :P But you're cool, man, and I can like talk to you about almost anything. We were close for a bit, during the year, but then we kinda drifted again so yeah. But you're cool, man, hope we get close next year. :)

A. Concepcion,
I remember when you sent Danica that Valentine, ngaaw, so cute. LOL. You're a good person, btw. :) Like you're really supportive and everything, you're sweet and stuff (referring to when you sang 'Your Guardian Angel' for Lisa), LOL. :P And you're kinda .. random. Like, I've had a conversation when you've been, like, out of nowhere, 'I feel like a bj right now. OH WELL' and then continued to talk about smth else. LOL, what the freak, man. :L

C. Duong,
I haven't really gotten to know you that well this year, sorry. But I reckon you're pretty cool. Like we probably have a lot of things in common (maybe not, though, LOL) and camp has made me get to know you better. Your ass gallery is fricken GG, man, and hopefully we'll get to know each other like next year.

D. Huynh,
You are a slut who eats too much free chocolate from Truong teachers. AHAHAHHA JOKING LOL. Nah but you're cool, and we got closer this year. :D You've changed a lot, though, I rkn. Like, you'd be one of the people that has changed the most (I reckon). But you're still really cool and we're pretty tight. :D Oh, and you buy me milk. I don't know why you do. LOL. That's like spending at least $2 every day, and if you bought milk for me every day for a school week, that's $10 gone. You're crazy, girl. :0 LOLL.

E. Cheung,
Lol your surname is funny. Anyway, we've actually gone through heaps this year, now that I think about it. You're still the cool cat you are, but sometimes you kinda annoy me. Like the things you say. Cuz I know that you're just saying it. So that's kind of annoying sometimes. And stop saying, 'What would your parents do if I come over?', cuz I reckon that's just a boring thing to talk about and like .. Don't come over. LOLL. Um, and sometimes I think you're a bit dramatic, but oh well. You're a cool kid who's been there for me. Tyvm. :)

G. Le,
We've gotten like wayy tighter this year. And we both act like retards or something, LOL. You've .. hmm, changed. Maybe. I don't know. Cuz honestly, I don't even remember what you were like at the beginning of the year, AHAHA. You're probably more rebel. :P Like with your new piercings and changing hair colours. Like I remember when you had to convince your mum to let you dye it, etc etc. But you're cool, man, and you're a nerdass and your family is a nerdass, and I like your sister cuz she's so cute LOL. And your parties are full mad az. And you're into guys that are too old for you. :) AHAHA.

J. Ma,
Oh lol, you can't even tell which twin this is, cuz they have the same initials. Anyway, we haven't hung around like how we used to in ages! We hardly see each other, ahaha. And I totally miss your parties, cuz you haven't had any since your mum's so busy now! :( You guys have to have a party, though. Like, New Years. Or something! I don't think your house would have finished renovating yet, though. Speaking of which, I really wanna visit your place sometime, see what everything's like. :D Btw, you and Eddie are cute az. ^O^!

J. Thuong,
Uhhh, so we haven't even gotten any closer since you came to Hurlstone LOL. You dress good, and hmm, you and Yvy have gotten way closer this year? :P Oh, and your house is really nice. :D Camp kinda made us closer, but not really. Hopefully we actually get to know each other better in 2010. Oh, but Idk, we don't have any classes together, LOL.

K. Khoo,
I've actually written all this crap about how much I don't like you on this blog, but you're actually not that bad. Like, we actually had heaps of fun together and got along really well, ahaha. I don't know if you've changed or anything, haha, from George's party, it seems to me that you're the same. :P You dress good, btw. And we could possibly still be friends. :L

K. Lopez,
You say things are cute a lot. LOL. That's just something I've noticed, yeeahh. :L You're cool, though. :D Really supportive and everything, I reckon. I'm not really close to you or anything, but I read your blog (like, just so you know, LOL).

K. Tieu,
Ngaww, you're so cool, LOL. I rkn we got closer since we made that bet with Grace. And we're gonna win, right. :D I can't believe you quit Truong. But you're still really cool, man! :D Fun to hang around with and everything, and you're so noob, keke. :P I don't really talk to you that much, though. :0

L. Xu,
Omg, thank you soo much for inviting me to RICE Fever. Like, telling me to go. Cuz it was like the best day ever, AHHAA. :D You're a pretty cool person, really fun and stuff. The most we ever hang around is when we have zone Cross Country and Athletics, and if there's a day out, like RICE. Oh and you help me improve my Canto and you're a good person. Oh, and you wanted me to play Maple with you, AHAHA, and I said I was going to and promised that I will but I never did. LOL. And I heard you guys have been having DotA parties. How cool. :I LOL.

L. Chao,
We haven't really hung out as much this year! But you're still the same Liza, I reckon. Still clumsy, still cool. :P Oh, you've probably changed this year, too. :P Jigging and getting caught by your rents, getting caught in the guys cabin. Tsk, Liza, what have you become. LOL, jokes. :P You're still cool. ^^

M. Tram,
You actually say the funniest crap ever, LOL. 'I always blow hard', 'It's not my fault my pubes are hairy', AHAHA. You're really fun, and it's cool when we all talk in a group, in ag, about like make up and razors and what you read on a review and stuff, LOL. :D And I rkn you should have more self confidence, btw. :)

M. Ha,
You're still the same guy, I rkn! :D I fricken want your Hannari! :( Can't believe you got it, FIRST TRY AND EVERYTHING. Farout. :L And Onitsuka's for $20?! Stupid Mitchbitch. LOL. But you're still cool, still really supportive and nice. You're so Asian! LOL. And btw, BEAST/B2ST are the best, and MBLAQ aren't actually too bad. >:D!

N. Tan,
Hmm, so things are like wayy awkward between us two, yeah? You're actually pretty cool, and you made me happy. Like, talking to you and stuff. I kinda pretend I don't see you, though. Which probably makes thing worse, but we're not really friends anyway, so I guess it wouldn't make too much of a difference. I still talk to Brendan, though, which is kinda weird. :0 But thanks for everything, you're such a nerdass in maths and you have fully nice parents, I rkn. :P

N. Luu,
Oh, I read your blog. Like, just so you know. We type similar! :L We haven't really talked much though, but you seem pretty cool. :P

N. Lee,
Shie, man, I full wonder how you went in HSC, but I hope you went well, yeah! :O! Aimhigh [96], right? Haven't talked to you since, like, Grace's party, which was way fun. We talked a lot more, this year, and thanks for everything! :D I hope we stay tight and in touch even though you've finished school and you're going to be in uni soon. You and Kim are way cuteeeee. I don't think you've changed. Still the same guy who gets confused about who he likes, listens to the same music, loves Ai Otsuka. :P Best older brotherrrrr. ^O^

S. Do,
You're soo funny! LOL. Like I don't really talk to you much, but you're heaps funny, man. And you're so sweet, likeeee .. When you made brownies/cupcakes and shared them around, and when you bought heaps of candy canes, and when you gave everyone extra change and when you bought all those ice block things from the canteen and everyone had some. :D Btw, I read your blog. And your dog is cute. Anyway, keep hearing things about you changing schools? :O Don't! LOL. :0

T. Nguyen,
Hey Best Friend! :L You're actually pretty cool, and you were there are RICE, too! :D I haven't really talked to you much this year, but you're funny (judging from what you're like in maths :D).

T. Southwell,
We don't really talk much, but you're cool. Like the only times we ever hang around is when there are other people there as well, ahaha. But anyway, we probably listen to similar music, and we think the same. LOL. ;D

V. Huynh,
You're still the same as well, I reckonnn! Still so 'young' and free. LOL. AND I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE LION KING! :O Oh, I read your blog sometimes, just so you know. You're such a nerdass in maths esp., gosh. ><

V. Ngothanh,
We actually act like retards LOL. Well, you do. AHAHA. I like your blue OPI, it's nice. Idk, you're cool. Sometimes you act kinda .. .. retarded so that I think you're faking it cuz like, wtf LOL, but you're a cool kid and I'm like natural around you. :) And you're always looking really really good in photos. Yeeeahh, I don't know how you manage to look good in every photo. LOL ;).

W. Tran,
BBFL. You make me seem like such a lesbo in your Christmas card! LOL. Like, seriously. :L Thank you for letting me copy your Truong homework when I'm rushing and don't know how to do the homework and just copy off yours. :L And I can't believe you have a Polaroid camera! Eff you. Your photos are always so pretty, and you always seem so smiley and like, bright and everything @ school. Hope you and Eric (it seems weird to call you two as 'Wendik' unless it's your anniversary LOL) stay happy together. ^^

Y. Nguyen,
On my phone, it says 'Yvy, my lover.' LOL. You're so like natural and open. Like you swear a lot about the smallest things that go wrong, AHAHA. But you're way funny, even though we've probably drifted this year. Have heaps of fun in Melbourne, lucky bitch, going shopping everydayy. :0 But your life seems pretty good. And we have to make resolutions for 2010 and see how many we can keep. And hopefully, in the coming year, you find someone that makes you smile. ;)


That took really long and wasn't really necessary. LOL. Cbb to type any more, but this year has just been so much fun and it's gone by so quickly! All of you guys, though, thanks for everything. And for people that read my blog on a daily basis then like .. Wow, thanks, can't believe so many people read it, LOL. I just really hope next year is better, and that we all have heaps of fun and all become super tight and comfortable with each other. I love you guys, seriously, soo much. ♥♥♥


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