#394 Perpendicular distance

Gosh, I slept really late last night/this morning. Since we've been given our laptops, I've been staying up really late watching movies and TV shows I've gotten off Mel and everything. So anyway, last night was the latest I've stayed up in a while. I slept at like 4:46am, and I finished watching Skins season 3. The second last episode was actually kinda scary, man. :( Like, some parts. So that's why I woke up really late, right. Woke up at, Idk, 11:30am and stayed in bed for a bit. It was so fucking hot in my room, which is one of the good and bad things about my room. Good, in that it's sunny in the mornings, but bad in that it gets really hot in the summer mornings, sometimes. :0

I haven't really done much today. I've just been watching random movies where I don't have to pay attention. LOL. So I turned on Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, ahaha. My sister was watching off my computer cos it was distracting her from Family Guy. Cos she was bored and had nothing to watch as well. Anyway, so we finished that and I was just looking at clothes and stuff. Gosh, these holidays are going to be terrible. LOL. Anyway, I turned on Twilight cos that's a crap movie where I don't have to pay attention to, so yeah. And now, I'm copying out two lessons of theory into my new Truong book, since I didn't have one for the past two lessons. I really hope I keep up with Truong, man. Things are getting hard. :S

Happy birthday, Yappy and Shadman! Oh, and some people are going to the beach today, haha. It's fricken hot az, so I'm glad I didn't go. Wouldn't have gone anyway, cos I don't like going to the beach, LOL. I really wanna go to Ikea, as well. Finally figured out which bookshelf I want I've gathered a bunch of things I want. So I'm pretty psyched to go, not sure when we will, though. But I really wanna redecorate, keke. :D

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