#393 Cuz Jersey just got colder

(1:18 PM) - alex: i have longer song titles than you

(1:18 PM) .genevieve : Does it fucking matter?

(1:18 PM) - alex: yes it fucking does

(1:18 PM) .genevieve : Yeah how

(1:19 PM) - alex: obviously it reinforces my musical superiority

(1:19 PM) .genevieve : Can you do something for me

(1:19 PM) - alex: does it involve me fucking off

(1:19 PM) .genevieve : Can you please shut the fuck up and never talk to me about your fucking music bullshit ever again
Yeah it does

(1:19 PM) - alex: only because you said please

(1:19 PM) .genevieve : Thank you.

(1:19 PM) - alex: np

(1:19 PM) .genevieve : Far

(1:20 PM) - alex: ?

I'm sorry, but that's how much you piss me off. Farout, man, what the freak do you want me to do? I was brb when I'd Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About started playing, and I come back a fricken message like that? Gosh.

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