#391 We've gotta go

055. Hey boy,

Oh snappp! Things are messed up already. Looks like I've gotta get over you. Almost no one will know that I liked you in the first place.. So this is gonna be one of those secrets we'll tell in year 12, about how we were so silly when we were juniors and liked almost anyone because of anything. But .. how did I even let this happen! LOL. :0 Know that I will get over you before the end of the holidays, even though you don't know that I like you and I know you will not find out from here. Know that I'm not sure how much I liked you at all. Know that we should still stay friends and God forbid, you find out and things become awkward. Cos some days we're forced to hang around.

— This girl that secretly likes you (Genevieve)

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