#390 What are we waiting for?

So today's the day of all days where I don't feel like blogging too much. :0 But today, we went to Parra: Yvy, Jacqueline, Grace, Liza, Danica, Christie, Margaret and Wendy. And me. :)

Yvy came late to the station so we missed it by like a minute. We kinda made Grace miss it, too, but not really. Anyway, we got to Parra at 12 and met everyone else there. Today was kinda .. Even though we were together for the most part, we still ended up splitting up. :0 Um, well, I can't really be bothered in doing this in detail, but almost all of us bought something. :D

I spent the most today, far. I bought a singlet and makeup. Danica bought a lip gloss and was complaining for ages that it's not really red, and has more of a purple tinge. You could put it as blush for your cheeks, too. Experimented all on me, tyvm. :0 Grace bought a hat and a .. bra-kini. Is that what they're called? Wendy got two dresses, and Christie got two tops. Well, she got one, and I think she bought another one too. Not sure about what everyone else got, but Jacqueline and Yvy didn't get nethingggg.

Well, we went into Myer and were going to try on pretty dresses, but this bitch worker in the Pilgrim section insisted on making us try clothes in the Pilgrim changerooms, and that annoyed us so bad, cuz she didn't let us try them in the normal changerooms. And I heard her say to this co-worker that, 'the schoolgirls are trying on dresses ..'. What a bitch. LOL.

Like half of us got KFC snackboxes and then some people went into JB Hi Fi. Including me and Danica. And Danica got bored and decided to call me (even though she was just next to me and during the phone call ran around during the shop) cuz she was 'lost' and 'where were we' and 'there's this girl that's following me' (which was me), and I saw a girl who 'was wearing the exact same thing as Danica', LOL. OMG. And there was this iPhone from JB Hi Fi, like, for people to try it and play with it and stuff, and fricken, it had credit on it, AHAHA. So we sent two messages to Wendy, and then there was this conversation basically:

Hey who's this?
Hey don't text me unless you wanna have sex.

And I was like, WTF, AHAHA, so I printscreened it. Around then we were like pretty broken up. Like cuz Danica kept wanting to go Priceline, and didn't get anything from there, AHAHA.

Christie! You have to send me the photos from today. :)
And Yvy, you owe me $10. :0

Um.. Well, today was pretty good. :D We never go out as a group, and yeah, we have now. It was 9/13 people, that's really good LOL. And we got this lady on the train to take a photo for us, lol. So Christie, you need to send! :P [WHOA. Thank God for Autosaving on Blogger. Google Chrome just messed up, ahaha, but I didn't lose anything. TYVM. (L)]

But wow, yay, I finally got the Agent Ninety-Nine top. Cos like, first shop we went into, I saw this girl wearing it and I'm like, Hot dayumm, I haven't seen it in shops yet. But it's nice, yay. And I wanna get a cropped singlet. Saw these nice, silver, satin shorts at Forever New. :D And oh gosh, I really wanna go to Ikea! Redecorating my room would be mad az.

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