#386 Fireflies

Ughhh .. I slept at 3 last night cos I was watching One Tree Hill until like 12, and then I didn't want to watch it anymore cos Derek, Peyton's stalker, was back. And it's scary. And I had run out of other eps, cuz I haven't put all of season 4 on my laptop yet. Anyway, so I started watching Skins season 3. I really really dislike Cook. The only cool kid there is Freddie and Emily. Emily's so cute, ahaha. And Freddie is .. ;). So anyway, that's why I slept at 3am today. LOL.

I was afk all night yesterday. I came back, though, at 12-something for a bit. KM unblocked/re-added me? Wow. I spend heaps of time on MSN afk. LOL.

I have English tutor today. I really don't wanna go. For a while, I was totally wondering where Genvin was. Then I realised he was at school. LOL. Anyway, I haven't done my English tutor homework, and I really really don't want to. I'll probably do it right before I have to leave, or something. :( I think it's the last lesson today, though? And Vanessa's in Vietnam. She had mushrooms today. Apparently they were good. Chyeah man, this is what me and her talk about. AHAHAHA. Really wonder who went to school today. Hope they have fun. :D!

Need to ask my parents about Yvy's dinner thing on Wednesday ..
Going city on Tuesday with my sister, maybe ..
I wanna check out Livo for Dotti, and Parra for GPC and Gluestore and everything ..
Gosh I need a job. :I

I went to make breakfast, yeah, and umm, I kinda broke a glass cuz I poured hot water into it. LOLLL. I was pouring it and thinking, Hmm, I thought it'd break, like that time in year 8 when Cooma and Ms .. That Ranga Lao Shi LOL had an argument, and he's like, But if you poured hot water into a glass it'd shatter. ANYWAY, so I just broke a glass LOL. Nws, we have heaps more that look exactly the same, keke.

But I've done so many stupid things while cooking LOL.
+ I set my sleeve on fire cuz I was cooking something on the stove, and then a piece of potato fell out and I went to go get it to chuck it, but then I set my sleeve on fire AHAHAHAA.
+ I made Mi Goreng and then I was eating it and I'm like, Hmm, this tastes weird, and then I finished it and went to put my bowl in the sink and then I saw the packet of seasoning on the bench. :(
+ I burnt my finger making Mi Goreng LOL.

But I swear, we've all done stupid shit (esp. while making Mi Goreng, LOL, no jokes). :D Someone share their story. Have nothing to read. :(

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