#371 Ring ding dong ding ding ding ding

Soo like .. I'm on the iPod ATM. Nothing really big happening right now. I wrote up some summary notes for my upcoming Truong test (quadratics, exponential, hyperbola and circles) and that's it. I wrote up a small list of things to do these holidays? Not really these holidays, more like .. Just a list of things to do, ahaha. I've been having random headaches, pshh, getting annoying. I tried to add a comment on ShopLol, but stupid iPod doesn't let. 50c for 3 (secondhand) bangles? Yes please. :D The 'Love' one is nice, main reason I wanna get them. I should sell all my old clothes, gosh, but I think I gave away most of them already. Today was so boringggg, just sat around and banged the fridge/cupboard doors a lot, looking for food. Oh! I promise to make my voice count for the voiceless. Hopefully my HTML works, cuz I have to type all this up in the HTML section. I took the red polish off my nails and decided to leave them unpainted for a while. My toenails are still red, haha. But whoa, when was the last time my nails weren't painted! LOL. Nah but then I decided to paint them metallic blue, since they'd hadn't been blue in a while, always red or pink. So yeah, they're metallic blue now. :L And then I said that the shade reminded me of Power Rangers, so my sister YouTubed some Power Ranger vids and watched parts of the movie for at least 20 minutes. Dannis was meant to be working on his English speech but he was watching Power Rangers for a bit. Now he's lying on the couch. Who would wanna work in this weather, anyway. And I have to do Eng tutor homework but don't have the sheet, cuz it's in my geo book which happens to be in my locker. LOL. This blog sounds so .. Bored LOL.

Ttyl, kidsssss! Probs will edit later. :P

Wish my exams were as cool as this! :D

- Went to Cabramatta to celebrate my grandpa's birthday. We had crab. Idk, it was pretty cool. :L Oh and I went to my room to get a shirt, and my grandma's in there, and I'm like, Oh I'm gonna get a shirt, and she came up and she's like, Aww when we came over before, you were only this tall, and now you're so tall, and she was all happy and hugging me, ngaw, so cute LOL. :D

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