#361 How weird, my eyebrow hurts

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Chelsea! I think that's why I saved this photo. Anyway, today:
+ Clement and Chungy performed Tong Hua. They're really good, seriously. Clement sings so pro, wowwss! :D My cuz, man. LOL.

+ PASS is gonna be a bludge, man. Our sub came like wayy late, and we just played basketball. We were waiting outside room 18, and Pollock was just in 17 with the el. history kids, and Nicholas and Mel and stuff were waiting outside their room, and knocked to get in, but Pollock didn't open the door until like ages later LOL wth.

+ Yeah I don't remember what happened. Read what Grace did! :D Some of the year 12's stayed over, and they all had mad fun, full playing games and crap until 2:30am and everything. They're so rad, I love the year 12's. LOL.

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