#360 PART-A.

Omg! So today was Grace's party, and I have to summarise everything cos I think I'm meant to sleep soon. I would've summarised everything anyway, though. :L

It was Thang's 18th, Andrew's 16th and Michael's 12th birthday. Grace just invites her friends to be cool. Ahaha. :P Heaps of people went. Well, Thang had his friends, Grace invited our cool kids, Andrew had his PATS friends, Michael had his friends, and Grace had all her cousins and relatives there too. I only got there at 3, though! Cos at my place, we were having a BBQ with family friends and relatives, and I had to leave that party to go to Grace's. Came back, my sister said that they just spent most the time learning K-Pop dances. Nws, that's always fun, AHAHHA. :P

At the party .. I missed out on the waterfight! :O The jumping castle was there, yepp, but aw, like everyone else was wet except for me. :( Most people were there by the time I came, and it was kinda cut, cuz I arrived when Darryl (as in Aldrich's brother) did, and Idk if Aldrich was invited? LOL. O__O But I was Idk, hanging around with Danica or Vanessa, and I'm like, Omg is Nick here? And she's like, Yeah, and so we went to look for him, and yayy, Nick. And I just hung around with him for like most the party LOL. And this is like the first time I've hung around with him, tbh, LOL. And so, during the party:

+ Nick showed me and Liza like all his magic tricks, yayay! They're full mad, like card tricks and some coin tricks, and then Yvy and Jacqueline came and watched for a bit, and Thang and then some other people came and were watching him do his tricksssss. And he taught me and Liza how to do a simple one, ahaha. Oh wait, he told us how to do another one, too. But 'siff we're pro enough to do it, man. LOL.

+ Nick was like searching all these Youtube vids of his Asian music, and talking about his Asian dramas. And he searched all these vids with Ai Otsuka, and full like fricken orgasming over her cuteness and shit AHAHAHAH. And he had photos of her on his phone. I like his phone. :( And when we were outside, before we went to the computer, he was showing me photos from formal, and how his friend was full sexy and all the girls were checking his friend out LOL.

+ Omg, had to verse Nick in Yu-Gi-Oh! Like, far, I'm full gonna get pwned, don't even know how to play, AHHAHA. So Alan had to help me, and I full died and everything, gosh. O__O And then Nick versed this little kid, one of Grace's cousins. His name is .. Matthew, yep. And Nick was like, Omg, you guys gonna have to help me, he's full gonna kill me, man. :L And Nick just gave up, so yeah. Cos .. before, when we were on the jumping castle, Nick accidentally stepped on him, I think? Idk, but Matthew was like sad or something for a bit cuz of Nick. :L But then we all went onto the jumping castle.

+ Kekeke, jumping castle was so fun. :D So good that they got one this year, gosh, they should have it like every year? LOL ^^. Chyeah, so we were all just jumping around, and there weren't that many people on it, cos heaps of people were playing Sing Star. So on the jumping castle, it was me, Nick, Vanessa, Vanessa Le, Thang, Thomas, Matthew and a few other young children. :D LOL. And we were all just jumping around, and we tried air hugs. Me and Nick failed, LOL, but Thang and Thomas full got it, ahaha. Thomas is so funny, ahahaha, haven't talked to him in forever. :D And Vanessa tried tackling me but it didn't really work AHHAHA >;D. And we were like, Okay let's play a game, stack's on, on the next person that falls down, LOL. So people were like trying to tackle everyone else, and Nick tried tackling me but he ended up falling down (oh you tank, Genevieve, LOL) and everyone stacked on him, AHHAHA. :D Oh but before that, Nick tackled me LOL. Cuz he was like, Okay, tonight, I'm gonna have to tackle you at least once, Gen. LOL. But the jumping castle was mad. Oh, and Danica joined us at some point, and Nick like tackled-ish her LOL. Like everyone was just tackling other people into the walls and stuff, was so fun. And Vanessa Le was sitting in the corner, sooo cute and littlee! And she was scared of people stepping on her, and Thomas was like, Okay, I'll protect you; I'LL TACKLE ANYONE OUT OF THE JUMPING CASLTE IF THEY COME WITHIN A METRE RADIUS OF HER. LOL. And Nick came within 1 metre of her and Thomas actually tackled him out AHAHHA. But aww, jumping castle was mad azzz. ^^ ^^!

+ So then we decided to go on a bike ride. LOL. This was say .. 8-something. So we got on the bikes, LOL, and it was still cool enough and nice enough outside to ride a bike, but I was feeling really pumped LOL, and Yvy took my bike for learning, so I was jogging. And so we kinda split up after a while. It was me, Liza, Danica, Nick, Vanessa, Jacqueline and Yvy. We saw Ryan driving, around the corner, and he didn't know which way to go. So that's when we split up, and in the end, it was me, Nick and Liza. We went up the road, and kinda turned, but it was a dead end, so we went back, and turned left and went around the fricken block and then went home. FARR, I was like dead, man, fricken hell, AHHAHA. Fricken jogging, zomg. And so we got home, but omg wth, people left! :O Like, Yvy had to go soon, Danica [who was geting a ride off David (keke, he's so cute LOL. Lives near me, woww, I could walk to his house! :O) who was carpooling some other people] was leaving like then, and Jacqueline was going soon as well. Like, wthhh! So they left, it felt so quiet. :(

+ Only like a few people were left, and they were just playing Sing Star or on the jump castle. I was like getting a drink, ahaha, and got a drink for Nick and Vanessa, and then Nick called his mum, and he had to go, cos he was driving Jamie as well, and she wanted to go home. So yeah, Nick went as wellllll, aww. :L Full hope we stay in touch, he's such a mad older brotherrrr. ^^

+ So like by this time it was 8:30PM, and heaps of Thang's year 12's friends had left. As well as Michael's and Andrew's friends, yeah. But aww, the room felt so empty. It was like, Alan, Nicholas, Vanessa, Thomas, Thang, Grace and maybe like someone on the computer and a few other people who drifted from the rooms. :L And they were just singing Sing Star? Like, no offence, but I totally thought people would've gotten bored from it, LOL. Oh, and Nicholas beat Grace in Sing Star, wow! LOL. I was like lying on the couch with my cup, I was soo tired and shit, kekeke. And gosh, so they were just singing, and I was lying on the couch, and talking and stuff. Some of the year 12's were sleeping over? Thomas hadn't been home in like the past 4-5 days AHHAHA, cuz he'd been sleeping over at friend's houses. HOW FUN! :D And we were talking about less than 1/3 of Thang's grade were Asian. WOWW. And Chun had another bottle of alcohol that was like special edition bottle? Oh wow. LOL. The year 12's are way fun, man. One of the coolest grades out. :D :D

- Gosh. Nick was going through my phone, and changed Brendan to B, and then he's like, Oh, NBL, huh, how long have you been playing for? LAME LOL.

- Which reminds me, ahhaa. In his card tricks, two of them he showed us were like, for picking up chicks LOL. So it was like .. You get shown a card or something, and he showed me Queen of Hearts. So yeah, I had to remember that, blahblah. He was meant to do some shit and find my card. And he was like, Okay, if we're compatible, I can sense what your card was, AHAHA. And in the end, he's like, Oh, I notice it's the Queen of Hearts, cuz you're the queen of my heart, AHHAHAA LAME LOLOL. And the other one, he had to set up the deck, but he was like, Okay, I'll lay out some cards in like a pattern. And he lays them out, and he's like, Call me. LOL. (So like it 'spelt out' his number? Oh funnyyy. :L)

- Gosh, I don't know why, but Vanessa said to me, Get off me! twice today. LOL. If you get how that can be sexual. :D

- Oh, Danica had like a secret or something, kekeke, Idk what it is LOL, but she was gonna tell me and Nick, but she was like, Nah I'll tell you later, and Nick was like, Wth man! Hey, I'll tell you something, and Danica was like, What? And he's like, Nah I'll tell you later, LOL. But then he like tricked Danica and told me a secret and not her, LOL. Stupid Danica hasn't even told us, though.

- GRACE DYED HER HAIR BLACK. WOWWW! :D It looks so black, LOL, haven't seen you with black hair in ages. It looks healthier like that, I rkn. :D It's niceeee. ^^

- OH. LOL. Danica was punching Thang, for 'conditioning', AHAHA, and she kept punching him and he's like, You're getting weaker, LOL. But she full thinks she hits hard, AHAHAHHA, aw cute LOL. :P Danica also has a lesbian crush on me, and dumped Ken. WOO CHYEAH GIRL, AHHAHAHA ;D.

- LOL, at some point, Laurence was sandwiched between two mattresses and we were sitting on top of him AHHAHA. And it was like, Ryan, Chun I think, me, Yvy, then Grace and Jacqueline, and Jamie, LOL. And Jamie was taking photos AHAHAHA. And so many of them speak Canto, wow, we're so mad. Spoke so much Canto today, gosh, I'm so cool. LOL.

Today was like really fun, though, I rkn. Haven't seen my older brother in forever, farout. Him and Kim are so cute. Oh wow, 'him' and 'Kim' rhyme, kekeke. LOL. But today was pretty fun, even though I missed out on the water fight. Like, goshh! :( And Nicholas' hair is like, Wow man, are you for real, that's crazyy. :L Oh psh, he's full ignoring me, though, LOL. Grace's parties are mad as. :D :D :D :D I was soo tired at the end, and my voice is really dead now, gosh. I sound funny. :( But thank you, Grace/Thang/Michael/Andrew/Grace's parents for your party! :D And LOL, Thang is like 18 and one month already. But yay, today was mad azzzz, love you guys. (L)(L)!

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