#348 But I don't care

Today is .. busy. Busy today. Gotta clean up my whole room, cos my aunt and grandma from America are staying in my room for 10 days. We're at camp when they come over (24th November), so I have to do all my cleaning up now!

Cleaned up my wardrobe and fixed up my storage system. Oh, don't I sound so pro, 'storage system'. It's basically just big, clear, plastic boxes, and they're not attractive or anything. LOL. Went to Valley Plaza to get some other things I forgot, like razors and Nutella. Cos I full felt like it the other day, LOL. But yeah, camp should be heaps mad. :D I wanted to get NYLON, cos it's got Megan Fox on it. Oh, beast right there. :) LOL, nah she's got terrible skin, but she's pretty alright besides that.

I downloaded all these videos yesterday. Thanks Wendy, for telling me like how to download and stuff! :D Chucked all these vids on my iPod, and I'm on now to download the song. I'm gonna go, but you guys can watch these vids. I wanna learn one of the dances, and I was trying to figure out how they do the roll [during the chorus] while on the phone with Danica :L.

And you guys can like watch these as well:

It's pretty sad, but I like these songs, kinda. :( But yeah, full wanna learn one of their dances! LOL. Gosh, I've got I Don't Care by 2NE1 stuck in my head. :L Must download, ty Mitchell and Wendy for singing it at karaoke. LOL.

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