#346 Chinks from Chinkland!

Yayy! Today was so fun, Wendy's birthday outing. In the end, it was just me, Grace, Wendy, Vanessa, Liza and Mitchell! It was soo fun, I love hanging around with like .. like other people. LOL. Cuz it makes you closer as friends and it's way fun. :D

So I thought I was going to miss the train there, and I was kinda worried, like, what was I gonna do if I missed the train! But I got my ticket and got onto platform 1 like less than a minute before the train came. Anyway, so we got to the city, and then:

1. Went to Capitols. First time for like Vanessa, Grace and possibly Liza? WAS SOO FUN. We went around looking at the different booths, trying to figure out which one to go to. Then we went to this $18 one, and when the camera was like counting down and in between the different photos, we were all like, OMGG, HURRY UP, CHANGE POSITION. LOL. And then we were figuring out where we were meant to edit our photos, cuz the booth we were waiting at was like soo slow and wasn't doing nething. LOL, but when we were editing the photos, Grace and Liza weren't sure what to do to it LOL. And they were like, GAHH, WTF, YOUR ONE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN OURS, so I helped them edit it LOL. And yeah, in the end, the photo that Grace and Liza edited turned out best. Like, cos we didn't look like shit in that one and stuff. LOL. And Liza's foot was missing in one of the photos, but fixed it up with my pro concealing. LOLLL.

Farr, the hannari were so cute! And while Vanessa and Wendy were taking their own, special, intimate, V&W-only caps, me, Grace, Mitchell and Liza went around the machines! And I full wanted this Hello Kitty doll, and it was full cute, and I payed like $5 for 3 turns, but then I took too long discussing my last turn and they like did it for me. BITCHES. RAGE. LOL. BUT FRICKEN MITCHELL, OMG, HE GOT A BIG HANNARI DOLL, FIRST TRY, $2! :OO. Lucky as, man. :O And he got me a Hello Kitty toy. :D

3. KARAOKEEE. Walked around and found it, stopped at Easyway on the way. :D And then we got to Echo Point, and payed for the room, and yayy, karaoke! This time was soo much better than that other time I went, omg. Like, the .. actual karaoke-ing was so much better. Greenbox is pretty good, though, has air cond., proper music videos and big screen and everything. Full mad. First song was Stacy's Mom! LOL. And we were like dancing and standing on the tables and everything. So cool. And Mitchell was so cute! Knew all the lyrics to the Korean songs! LOL. But we only stayed for an hour. It was so good, though. And then we didn't know how to skip songs, and we just fast forwarded the whole song LOLLL. But then we asked the lady, later, and yeah. :P

4. Went Maccas, and we all got fries, I think? LOL. Fries and soft serves, so we could dip our chips into ice cream. Yay, I love that. LOL. But anyway, that was our lunch, and we went to the upstairs level of Maccas. Yay.

5. Thenn .. I think we decided to go shopping at Market City? MITCHELL GOT ONITSUKA MIDCUTS FOR $20?!?! But guy sizes, so that's alright. But whoa, he's so lucky! I bought these canvas lace ups, and Wendy got white ones. Vanessa got Davenports (We can be like Davenport buddies. Yeeeaahh. LOL.), and Grace and Liza got sunnies from Rubi. Frick, there's like always a sale @ Rubi in Market City. :L Aww, at Frat House, there was a sale, 2 singlets for $30, and when I was back at Cabra, I realised that I actually should've bought them. Dayumm, man! There were like singlets with a front pocket. And they were like, nice, like good material. Abercrombie and Fitch! TT" Should've like borrowed from Grace. Aw. LOL. Umm, but we walked around, we saw Mr Yates! LOL. And I was so tempted to buy stickers from Morning Glory, ahhaa, but by this point, I only had less than $5. LOL.

6. Vanessa got a green tea chillo from New Zealands Natural. Gosh, it wasn't good. LOL. And then we went to China town, and OMG, there was this guy who had this badass car, and it was like .. It wasn't a car. Like, it's more like a bike, cos it moves by pedalling. And it was like, a taxi! LOL. And that was rad. ^^ And we walked around Chinatown, and Grace was like, cos we were talking about Chinese people and how they're actually pretty cruel with their animals and everything, Grace was like, Like, true Chinks from Chinkland. LOL. Wendy and Mitchell were like, all excited at this place that sold Big Bang CD's, LOL. And there was a 3-storey Morning Glory, yay. :)

7. Went back to Capitol! Gosh, we .. we were all so emo! LOL. Like, Grace tried say, 3 or 4 more times, to get a hannari from the one Mitchell got, and didn't get nething. Wendy tried to get a gold hannari, and I tried to get the silver one. Like, we all wasted money trying to get it, and we watched other people try and get it too, LOL. And Wendy and stuff were all emo, and sitting on the floor, and then the security guy was like, Aw guys, you can't sit here, LOL. But Grace got a toy from one of the machines, and it's like an ice block. :P And there was this guy and girl, who were like a couple or something, but they were pretty young, and the guy was like SO SMALL, LOL. Like his hands were small, feet were small, etc. LOL, japs. But we just stayed at Caps until like we decided to go. Oh, what a stupid sentence, LOL.

8. But then we realised that we missed our train, and that the next one was in 25 minutes. So we stayed in the park, and hung around taking photos and stuff! :D And that was cool, but the grass was way itchy, man, aiyahh! We split our caps photos there, and stupid caps machine made our eyes look weird as. TT" And then when we were walking back to the station, omg, there was this way hot asian guy with madass hair and clothes and everything. YES PLEASE, MAN. Omg, so we followed him until he like turned and yeah, gosh, his hair was really nice. Dayumm. :L

9. Train ride home was pretty cool, and there was this other group who I swear was listening to our conversation LOL. But anyway, we just talked and it was so fun, today! ^^

Today was soo fun, and I soo can't wait for Grace's party next week! Like, screw camp, LOL. Omg, I really want to go Sportsgirl tomorrow. Like, hopefully my sister decides she needs to go to Livo, and I'll ask her if she can get the polish for me. Like, please! :L And I wanna borrow Genvin's top, but it's low at the arm holes. Oh well. But today was heaps fun, I love those kids! :D:D

* All photos like taken off Wendy's blog [http://www.wendzilla.net/]

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